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maxon A-max

The drives use an ironless rotor and AlNiCo magnets. Automated manufacturing means that maxon's brushed A-max motors offer top performance at an attractive price. In maxon's modular system you can combine the A-max motors with gears, sensors and controllers for a complete drive system.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

12 ... 32 mm 21.2 ... 62.9 mm 0.5 ... 20 W


Nominal torque up to 45.5 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 19 000 rpm

Torque-resistant shaft. No recesses; the stress concentration is eliminated.

Motor housing made of strip steel, produced with highest precision at low cost, with no waste. In a hybrid process, a stator is formed by assembling the motor housing and magnet in one step using injection molding of PPA plastic. Sintered bearings or ball bearings. Proven winding procedure. Better performance resulting from optimal use of the air gap in the entire winding series. 4-, 5- or 7-fingered precious metal brushes for fine rotary motions. Graphite brushes for heavy-duty use.

→ Good price-performance ratio → DC motor with AlNiCo magnet → Torque-resistant shaft → Automated manufacturing process


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