maxon Product Range 2023/24

maxon X drives Configure your drive online – according to your individual needs When configured online, you can download your specific mechanical and electrical data, dimensional drawings and CAD files immediately, and within 11 working days your drive system will be ready to ship.

Brushed DC motors

Brushless DC motors

ECX SPEED The high-speed drive for grinders, fans, sterilizable hand-held tools, etc.

ECX SQUARE The cost-optimized drive – robust, compact, and durable.

DCX The powerful drive available in a variety of versions.

DC-max The cost-optimized drive with a very good price/performance ratio.

ECX PRIME The high-performance drive with outstanding speed-torque gradient.

ECX TORQUE The high-torque drive for power tools like screw drivers, pruning shears, etc.

IDX MOTOR The industrial solution with IP protection and integrated encoder.

ECX FLAT The flat, space-saving drive with lots of torque.

Drives with integrated positioning/speed controller



IDX – i/O

IDX DRIVE The intelligent drive system with IP protection, integrated controller, and optional holding brake.

ECX FLAT The flat compact drive with integrated speed controller.


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