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Hall sensor circuit The open collector output of Hall sensors does not normally have its own pull-up resistance, as this is integral in maxon controllers. Any excep- tions are specifically mentioned in the relevant motor data sheets.

Integration and service life Frameless motors are direct drives that are integrated in the application. The installation instructions available on the maxon website give detailed specification for optimum assembly. The service life will be mainly defined by the chosen bearing assembly and the operational conditions (bearing load, speed).

TSX MAG encoder The optional TSX MAG encoder module can be combined with the EC frameless DT motors. The rotor of the motor needs to be equipped with an additional magnetic target ring. The TSX MAG module will be placed on the stator leaving the hollow rotor shaft free and programmed to deliver proper commutation signals as well. Hence, rotor and stator need to be paired.

Wiring diagram for Hall sensors Hall sensor supply voltage

R Pull-up

Control circuit

Hall sensor output


The power consumption of a Hall sensor is typically 4 mA (for output of Hall sensor = “HI”).

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