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maxon gear Technology − short and to the point

Gears If mechanical power is required at a high torque and correspondingly reduced speed, a maxon precision gear is recommended. According to the gear ratio the output speed is reduced while the output torque is enhanced. For a more precise determination of the latter, efficiency must be taken into consideration. Conversion The conversion of speed and torque of the gear output (n L , M L ) to the motor shaft (n mot , M mot ) follows the following equations: n mot = i · n L M L M mot = i · ɳ where: i: reduction η : Gearhead efficiency Selection of gears For the selection of the gearhead, the maxi- mum transmittable power − the product of speed and torque − is decisive. It should be noted that the transmittable power depends on the number of gear stages. The load torque should be below the nominal torque (max. continuous torque) of the gear- For short-term loading, the short-term torque of the gearhead must also be considered. Where possible, the input speed of the gear n max,G should not be exceeded. This limits the maximum possible reduction i max at a given operating speed. The following applies to the selection of the reduction i n max,G i ≤ i max = n L If the gear is selected, the data conversed to the motor axis ( n mot , M mot ) are used to select the motor. The maxon modular system defines the proper motor-gear combinations. head M N,G . M N,G ≥ M L

Program − GPX/GP (Planetary gearhead) − GS (Spur gearhead) − KD (Koaxdrive) − GPS (Screw drives)

1 Output shaft 2 Mounting flange 3 Bearing of the output shaft 4 Axial security 5 Intermediate plate 6 Cogwheel 7 Planetary gearwheel

8 Sun gearwheel 9 Planet carrier 10 Internal gear

Service life The gears usually achieve 1000 to 3000 ope- rating hours in continuous operation at the maximum permissible load and recommended input speed. Service life is significantly ex- tended if these limits are not pushed. If the speed drops below this threshold, the gearhead may be loaded with higher torques without compromising the life span. On the other hand, higher speeds and thus higher reduction ratios can be chosen if the torque limits are not fully exploited. Factors affecting life span include: − Exceeding maximum torque can lead to excessive wear. − Local temperature peaks in the area of tooth contact can destroy the lubricant. − Massively exceeding the gear input speed reduces the service life. − Radial and axial loads on the bearing. Temperature/lubrication maxon gears are lubricated for life. The lubricants used are especially effective in the recommended temperature range. At higher or lower operating temperatures we offer recom- mendations for special lubricants.

Spur gearhead The gear consists of one or more stages. One stage represents the pairing of two cogwheels. The first cogwheel (pinion) is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The bearing of the output shaft is usually made of sintered material.

− Favorably priced − For low torques − Output torque up to 2 Nm − Reduction ratios of 5:1 to 5752:1 − External − ∅ 12−45 mm

− Low noise level − High efficiency

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