maxon Product Range 2023/24

Close to 100 % We have a portfolio of drives for any application, and DC motors with an efficiency of more than 90 %

Maximum power packed into tiny spaces. maxon drives feature the following:

→ High acceleration → Long service life

→ Low power consumption → Unsurpassed reliability → Able to bear high overloads for short periods → Excellent control properties

One stop shop DC and BLDC motors Brushed and brushless DC motors. Diameter 4 to 90 mm. Gearheads and screw drives Planetary, spur and special gearheads. Compact screw drives with steel and ceramic screws. Sensors Magnetic, optical, and inductive encoders, DC tachometers and resolvers. Controllers 4-Q PWM servo controllers, 1-Q EC amplifiers, positioning controllers, and multi-axis motion controllers. Ceramic components Custom ceramic components and standard components such as ceramic axles, shafts, or screws.


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