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maxon motor control Technology – short and to the point

Controllers The maxon motor control range includes servo amplifiers for controlling the dynamic maxon DC and EC motors. Notable features: − High efficiency − High PWM frequencies (>50kHz) − Built-in additional inductance for operation with low-inductance motors The MACS-multi-axis motion controllers are programmable master controllers for demand- ing drive systems. Notable features: − Highly dynamic synchronization of multi-axis drives − Curve interpolation − Extensive functions for programming multi- axis applications Master system The application program runs on the higher­ level master, coordinating all lower-level elements (slaves). The process control uses a suitable communication system to send commands to the motor controllers and to other slave modules in the system. Typically, the master reads the parameters of the slave modules (e.g., current position or the status of an input) and uses them to generate new com- mands (e.g., a new target position or setting of an output). Possible master systems − MasterMACS − MiniMACS6-AMP − MicroMACS6 − PLC − Microcontrollers − Personal computers

Program − DEC modules: 1-Q speed controllers (closed loop) for EC motors − ESCON: 4-Q speed and current controllers for DC and EC motors − EPOS: position controllers for DC and EC motors − MicroMACS6, MiniMACS6, MasterMACS: programmable multi-axis masters

Motor type − maxon DC motor − maxon EC motor Process variables − Current, torque − Speed

− Position Feedback − Incremental encoders − Absolute encoders

− Hall sensors Communication

− Analog and digital inputs and outputs − Bus systems (CANopen, EtherCAT, RS232, USB, …)

Multi-axis motion controllers MACS (Multi-Axis Control Systems) are freely programmable master controllers that make it possible to easily synchronize coordinated movements of multiple axes. Powerful com- mands are available, which can easily handle tasks such as the following: − PLC functionality as a sequential program (for cyclical processing) or as state machines that work in parallel − Coordinated time- or path-synchronized multi-axis positioning − Synchronized execution of CAM profiles (for cam disks) on multiple axes − Control of freely definable path trajectories with different kinematics (X-Y tables, 3D plotters, SCARA robots, delta robots, etc.) − Master-slave synchronization of multiple axes with marker comparison

Master-slave architecture

Master, e.g., MicroMACS

Application program


Slave e.g., EPOS4


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