Westcoast Chiropractic Experts - January 2020

January 2020

10 Years of Growth

Parenthood, Las Vegas, My Career, and Other Important Pieces to the Decade

just continues! We’re already the home city for the NHL team the Vegas Golden Knights, and within the next year, Las Vegas will gain the NFL team the Oakland Raiders. T-Mobile Arena, where the Knights play, has grown to be a huge asset for the city, too! And just as Vegas, our boys, and my parenting have flourished, my career has grown in the past decade. I discovered Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) for treatment in 2011. This technique utilizes movement and mobility to determine the source of ailments and pain, which ultimately aids in treatment planning. Traditionally, treatment for injuries is attempted through pain management, where providers identify where the pain is and treat based on that. But this doesn’t take into account the varying ways humans experience pain. For example, let’s say you know twin sisters with chronic hip problems. One sister may be searching for solutions because her extreme pain is contributing to knee and joint discomfort, but the other sister may not notice the pain or believes it’s abnormal. As a result, one sister may receive treatment she doesn’t need, while the other sister may not be treated at all. Instead, SFMA treatment examines the movement of the sisters. Experts can pinpoint the limited range of motion, decreased knee mobility, and poor sitting posture as a sign of chronic hip conditions. Because the root cause of the pain and damage has been identified,

If you would have told me on Jan. 1, 2010 that we would be where we are today, I would have lost my mind. I can still remember watching the clock turn to the new decade on that night. Our eldest son was just 3 months old, and we were living in a run-down condo, celebrating the way any new parents would: very quietly. We ate stuffed pork chops from Trader Joe’s, I enjoyed a drink or two, and when midnight hit, I remember watching local fireworks shoot off just outside our window. It was a pretty unassuming way to ring in such a pivotal decade. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been a parent for 10 years! The biggest thing I have learned is that children never forget. If you want to remember an appointment or a big meeting, tell your kids. They won’t let you forget it! In all seriousness, my kids remind me to be consistent. For a while, I was on their cases about saying “excuse me” after they let out a belch. It’s classic parent stuff, but I forgot a key point to this: When I burp, I also have to say, “Excuse me.” Being a parent has been a great experience, and as my boys have grown, I’ve watched the city they will call their hometown grow around them, too. I think about the school my 10-year- old son attends as an example. It was once the only building in the middle of this desert. Today, there’s a thriving community around it, and this growth The one time I forgot, none of the boys let me get away with it — or forget it!

the sisters will save money, time, and effort while undergoing real, beneficial treatment for their ailments. I was so moved by how rewarding this form of treatment is that I began teaching it to others. As we move into the next decade, I’m looking forward to continuing to teach young chiropractors about this technique and the value in treating the real causes of patients’ symptoms. I still believe I have the greatest job in the world, and if I can pass these methods onto other chiropractors, then my career will become even more rewarding. Who knows what’s in store for the next decade? (Personally, I’m hoping to have a fleet of flying cars.) But I do know one thing: If it is anything like the past 10 years, we’re in for quite the ride.

Happy New Year!

–Dr. Josh Satterlee



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