Annual Report 2015

20 1 5 Annual Report



Dear Friends: We would like to sincerely thank you—our volunteers, donors, sponsors, community partners, supporters, and staff—for playing an important role in helping Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) achieve 35 years of saving lives and serving people. There were several anniversary milestones that we celebrated together. MADD’s National Board of Directors expanded the mission statement to include “drugged driving,” which reads: “MADD’s mission is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking.” In addition, we proudly announced the organization’s first ever tagline, “No More Victims® , ” which describes the highest calling of the organization and represents hope for all of us. As the national spokesperson representing victims across the country, we welcomed the 13 th MADD National President Colleen Sheehey- Church. Colleen is the first victim of drunk and drugged driving to serve as president. Colleen is passionate about helping prevent others from experiencing the tragic death or injury of a loved one to drunk and drugged driving. Her son, Dustin was killed at 18, while riding with a 19-year-old driver who had been drinking and using drugs. The car crashed into a river; the driver and another passenger survived, but not Dustin. He drowned due to a 100 percent preventable crime. Overwhelmed with grief, MADD was her lifeline and ray of hope. We are grateful that Colleen has turned her pain into purpose and shares her story across the country. While MADD’s 35 th anniversary year provided an historic opportunity to recognize our incredible volunteers and lifesaving progress; we have more work to do. We will never give up until we create a world of No More Victims®. Thank you again for your passion and compassion. We stand with you and for you always. Warmest Regards,

35 th Anniversary Highlights

Hon. David Strickland, Esq. Chairman of the Board Steven Benvenisti, Esq. Vice Chair Barbara Brodt Secretary Mahesh Shetty Treasurer

Mission expansion to include “help fight drugged driving” Launch of first-ever tagline, “No More Victims®” 500 volunteers, staff and supporters attend 35th Anniversary National Conference in Washington, DC

Brad Bulla Robert “Skip” Carter Heather Geronemus

Tara Kelley-Baker, Ph.D. Mary Klotzbach, M.S.N., R.N., A.C.M., C.C.M, Arkie Koehl Christopher Mann, Esq. Anne Taylor McCartt, Ph.D. Ron Medford Madalene Milano Col. Ron Replogle, Ret. Walter Rooney, M.D. Joseph Sikes Monica Vandehei

Global unveiling of the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) vehicle technology

Launch of interactive timeline at

National Day of Remembrance with more than 50 affiliates honoring victims and survivors

Hon. David Strickland, Esq. Chairman of the Board

Debbie Weir Chief Executive Officer

Colleen Sheehey-Church National President



MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving celebrated several major advances in 2015 through continued support for high-visibility law enforcement, such as sobriety checkpoints, passage of ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders, and development of advanced vehicle technology, called Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS).

Court Monitoring With the help of funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), MADD completed a national Court Monitoring database in 2015. MADD trained staff and volunteers across the country to utilize the program and database to identify trends and track inconsistencies within the adjudication process at the local, state and national levels in an effort to create an environment of accountability in the judicial system. The national funding opportunity kick started an increase in state traffic safety funding for this critical program in various states. Death Notification Training for Law Enforcement MADD has been instructing law enforcement officers in highly specialized Death Notification Training for almost 30 years. As an organization we have a unique perspective on this specialized skill and we offer this training to law enforcement and first responders as they constantly face the task of dealing with trauma and violent unexpected deaths. With the NHTSA funding, MADD brought 100 attendees and presenters to its 35 th Anniversary National Conference for Death Notification Training to give back to our heroes that keep our roads and highways safe. Participants received six hours of intensive instruction and were also invited to the entire conference.

Texas – the deadliest state in the nation for drunk driving – passed an ignition interlock law for all drunk drivers who seek driving privileges after an arrest. This brought the total number of states with all-offender ignition interlock laws to 25. Kentucky made significant strides by passing a law requiring ignition interlocks for all repeat offenders, refusals, cases of child endangerment and first-time offenders with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or greater. Illinois enacted legislation improving its all-offender ignition interlock law.

In 2006, MADD launched the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. Since then, public support for the campaign initiatives has been overwhelming. MADD focuses on three important steps to end drunk driving: Support our heroes. Support high-visibility law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and discourage others from driving drunk. Sober to start. Require ignition interlock devices, or in-car breathalyzers, for all drunk drivers, to prove they are sober before their car will start. Secure the future. Support the development of technology to determine automatically whether or not the driver is above the legal limit of .08 and failing to operate if the driver is drunk.

MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church presents a Legislative Champion award to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White for his work on the state’s ignition interlock program.

Arkansas, Missouri and South Carolina strengthened their ignition interlock laws, while Colorado and Tennessee passed felony laws for drunk driving offenses. Drunk driving is now a felony on the fourth offense in Colorado. Tennessee established a Class C Felony offense of aggravated vehicular assault and established mandatory minimums for portion of sentences that are served.

victim to volunteer

On Capitol Hill, MADD continued to support DADSS and grow support for research and development of a passive, in-vehicle alcohol detection technology to stop drunk drivers from operating a vehicle. In June, 300 volunteers and staff at MADD’s 35 th Anniversary event witnessed a demonstration of the DADSS technology.

Arlene Victor found herself facing the unthinkable when a drunk driver killed her son Marty and his wife Chris on Easter Sunday in 1984. Kelley, her 16-month-old granddaughter, was hospitalized for a week after the crash – her arm had been broken in five places. Arlene and her husband Cletus were named Kelley’s legal guardians, and made providing for her their priority.

DADSS technology was unveiled at MADD’s 35th Anniversary event in June.

It wasn’t long before Arlene met others impacted by this senseless crime. Together, they decided that something had to be done to ensure their children’s deaths were not in vain. So, in 1985 they applied and were granted a charter, creating the Dubuque-Jackson County MADD Chapter in Iowa. Since becoming a MADD volunteer, Arlene has spoken to tens of thousands of young people in area schools and colleges, hosted bi-monthly Victim Impact Panels, raised money to provide local law enforcement with video and breathalyzer equipment, launched public awareness campaigns, provided victim advocacy for those impacted by drunk or drugged driving, and ensured that MADD maintained a presence in Iowa every day for the last 30 years. MADD cannot begin to say thank you enough to Arlene for her tireless dedication and efforts to save lives in Iowa. But she doesn’t do it for praise or thanks. She does it to save lives. And undoubtedly, she has done just that.

MADD’s unwavering support continued for law enforcement efforts to conduct and promote sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols in communities across the nation. MADD teamed up with the NHTSA for the launch of the annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaigns in Washington DC and San Francisco. MADD believes that by following the strategic blueprint laid out by the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving – high-visibility law enforcement, ignition interlocks for all offenders and advanced vehicle technology – we will reach our ultimate goal: No More Victims.


Victims Served In 2015, MADD Victim Services compassionately provided service to victims or survivors every 3 minutes. We also released two new brochures, available in English and Spanish. The “Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems” brochure highlights victims’ rights and court procedures and how to select a civil attorney. “Resources and Referrals,” provides victims and survivors with information and resources to help them cope with the emotional, physical, financial, and


Private Facebook Group The MADD Victim Services’ private Facebook Group launched in April 2015 during Crime Victims’ Rights Week. The purpose of this group is to provide an online forum for victims and survivors to connect, share, and seek support, as well as provide peer support. Members often introduce themselves, share a photo of a loved one or of themselves and post about how a crash has impacted their lives. The participation among members has exceeded all expectations, and we are excited to see the group continue to grow. Live Chat on MADD Victim Services launched a new platform for victims to chat live with a member of the Victim Services department to receive services. The live chat pop-up is on the lower right-hand corner of the homepage and Victim Services page. We provided service to 548 people last year through this option. Portraits for Healing MADD joined in partnership with Bill Small, an artist from California, for the Victim Services Portraits for Healing Program. Bill has generously agreed to donate 200 victim portraits a year for those who have been impacted by drunk or drugged driving. He said that being able to provide this thoughtful service to the families of loved ones killed or injured inspires him. National Day of Remembrance MADD hosted its first ever National Day of Remembrance to honor and remember victims and survivors of drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking consequences on December 3, 2015. Over 50 MADD locations across the country participated and hosted meaningful events, including candlelight vigils, painting classes and press conferences. More than 75 percent of those locations held their annual candlelight vigil on that day to honor and celebrate victims. Victims, survivors, community partners and first responders were present at their events. MADD also invited victims to create a tribute on a virtual plate online. Three hundred and sixty six victims gave a customized online tribute for their loved ones impacted by drunk and drugged driving.

the Criminal and Civil JusticeSystems UNDERSTANDING

RESOURCES forVictimsof Substance Impaired Driving

Victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving crashes, as well as their loved ones, often feel lost and hopeless after a crash. While friends and family members are often available in the days immediately surrounding the tragedy, finding a support system that lasts a lifetime can be difficult. That is why MADD Victim Services are so vital to those who have been impacted by this violent crime. At MADD, victims always have a place. And always will. We provide supportive services at no charge to the victim and their loved ones, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, as long as they need us.


mental impacts of a crash. Both are available in English and Spanish. MADD provides all services free of charge and in a variety of ways. Our services include providing victims with emotional support, criminal and civil justice advocacy, information regarding the criminal justice system and education related to their grief. We also provide materials addressing the after effects of drunk and drugged driving, as well as underage drinking consequences and referrals to community resources MADD Help Line The 24-hour Victim Help Line, 1-877-MADD-HELP marked its 10th anniversary in 2015. When the Help Line first started, seven part-time MADD employees manned the phones. Today, 20 incredible volunteers donate their time to answer calls on nights and weekends, even on holidays, so the Help Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – whenever victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving need it most. Volunteers listen to their stories, offer a shoulder to lean on, and provide information about the criminal justice process. We are so grateful for these generous and compassionate volunteers who provide support to victims and survivors in their darkest hour. victim to volunteer Jade Gabrielle Stephens was a bubbly, outgoing, cheerful little girl with an infectious laugh, and a way of making everyone feel loved. On July 19, 2014 – four days before her tenth birthday– we celebrated with friends and family. On our way home, a drunk driver ran a stop sign and t-boned our car where Jade was sitting. Her father, brother and I watched in disbelief as Jade took her last breaths. We had just sung happy birthday to her. After Jade passed, MADD was there for us. We participated and raised significant donations in our first Walk Like MADD event in October, a few months after Jade’s death. Our goal is to Walk Like MADD, raise more money, and have a bigger team each year. Though taken too soon, Jade touched many people‘s lives, and we want to continue her legacy through MADD. by LaKeitha Stephens

victim services psa At MADD’s 35th anniversary, as a tribute to victims, the “You Always Have a Place” PSA was unveiled. The PSA featured victims who lost their loved ones to someone’s choice of committing the violent and 100 percent preventable crime of drunk driving. It was the first MADD Victim Services PSA released in 10 years.


Power of Parents® In 2015, MADD and Nationwide® reached more than 116,000 parents with the research-based Power of Parents® program. The program was originally developed for parents of high school students, in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University’s Robert Turrisi, Ph.D. Last year, we expanded its reach for parents of middle school students - with the resources and tools to talk to their teens about alcohol - through trained program facilitators, 25-minute parent workshops and Power of Parents® handbook distribution and downloads. With these efforts, we reached a new family every 6 minutes.

Power of You(th)® MADD and State Farm® continued expansion of the Power of You(th)® program in 2015, empowering more than 100,000 teens to positively impact underage drinking prevention efforts among friends and in their communities. The results of a public opinion survey by MADD and State Farm polled 15–20-year-olds across the country showed that one in four teens is willing to ride with a driver who has been drinking. The findings also revealed that one in three teens has been a passenger with a drinking driver in the past year; and of great concern, that 22 percent of the drinking drivers were friends under 21. These statistics emphasized the need of MADD and State Farm’s annual effort of raising awareness among teens of the real consequences of their choices. MADD’s research-based Power of You(th)® teen booklet was distributed to teens and volunteers, equipping volunteers to deliver school presentations during October Activation and throughout the year. MADD also expanded available resources through online toolkits for educators, community members, student leaders, and school resource officers. We reached a teen every 5 minutes with the tips and tools they need to take a stand against underage drinking in their communities. Power of Community® MADD developed a comprehensive field toolkit for conducting compliance checks to support law enforcement efforts of cutting off teens’ retail access to alcohol. The program will be designed and made available in 2017 for implementation in select locations.

At MADD, we know our hopes for a safer future are riding on tomorrow’s drivers. By getting today’s youth off to a good start, we are taking a giant step toward fulfilling our vision of a nation without drunk driving. That’s why we’re focused on tackling underage drinking, a problem that threatens the safety of our kids and endangers entire communities, now and down the road.

MADD, National Presenting Sponsor Nationwide and National Supporting Partner GM Foundation hosted 21 days of activation, starting April 1st and culminating with PowerTalk 21® Day, April 21st. In April, MADD & Houston Mayor Annise Parker kicked off the first-ever Power of Parents® Mayors Challenge, aimed at engaging communities in the fight to eliminate underage drinking and its potentially

Austin Mayor Steve Adler accepted the Mayors Challenge on April 3, 2015, making the city the first to accept Mayor Parker’s challenge.

deadly consequences. Mayor Parker challenged mayors across the country to make the issue of underage drinking a priority in their community during the month of April leading up to MADD’s PowerTalk 21 day, the national day to talk about alcohol.

In addition, online parent workshops and other online resources were launched to reach parents with critical tools to facilitate conversations with their teens about underage drinking prevention. MADD and Nationwide also published a middle school handbook for parents. This is because parents – not peers – remain the biggest influence on their children when it comes to alcohol. 1



victim to volunteer


In 2013, 17-year-old MADD Pennsylvania volunteer Taylor Childers was awarded the prestigious Governor’s Pathfinders Award for Outstanding Student Activist. Taylor joined forces with MADD after being directly impacted by a crash on April 5, 2008 caused by a drunk and drugged driver. The crash killed her best friend, Tia Wright, left Taylor with a head injury and seriously injured Tia’s father. In the aftermath, Taylor was moved to action in hopes that Tia would never be forgotten. Today, Taylor continuously shares her story at Victim Impact Panels, including one held for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She participates in prevention programs for underage drinking and drunk driving at local schools, and she volunteers with Community Support Groups working with youth. She also helps with The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s “Project Sticker Shock,” which informs Pennsylvanians of the dangers and consequences of underage drinking. She has also spent time in accompanying crash victims in court. We are so thankful to have wonderful volunteers like Taylor who are passionately devoted to MADD’s mission.


A 2015 MADD/Nationwide Survey showed that about one-third of parents believe the ages in which to start talking with their children about alcohol are 14-18 in high school. Because research shows children start weighing the pros and cons of underage drinking as early as age 8, as 2nd-3rd graders in elementary school, MADD urges parents to start talking much earlier and to keep talking as those perceptions about alcohol continue to form and change through age 21.


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Gilberto Rivera Richard Roady

Medical Security Card Co. Medstar Mobile Healthcare Steven Meints Mercedez-Benz Cutler Bay Merrill Lynch Investments Metro Recovery & Towing, LLC Rachel Metz Donald & Yvonne Meziere Miami-Dade County Association Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Michael & Elaine Michaelidis Anita Michaels Madalene Milano Mike McGaughy’s Classic Chevy Parts, Inc. Miles for Matt Foundation Harvey L Miller John Miller Kathy Miller Mary Miller Peter M Miller The Minneapolis Foundation Alana Misk

Ronnie Robertson Cristina Robinson Gary Robinson The Rogers Foundation Rollgiving Aaron Rolling Pamela Romanow Edwina Romig

Frances C. Erickson Escamilla Law Firm Jaime E Esparza Essex County College Barbara Ettinger

Irwin Ettinger Linda Eviston

Mary Clark Romney Victoria D Rosskam June Rosner The Rubin Charitable Foundation Greg & Rochelle Sachs Safespeed, LLC Safeway Safeway Foundation Sheila Sale Salina Iron & Metal Co. Samuel C. Cantor Charitable Trust Sylvester Samuel San Antonio Police Officers Association San Diego Firefighter Local 14 San Francisco Foundation San Jose Earthquakes Mark Sanchez Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office Efrain Santos Rafael Santos Lynn Scarpati Schaefer Autobody Centers Inc. Walter Schell Thomas Schelling Stephen Schilt Jason Schmidt James Schmitt Scituate Jr., Sr. High School Carole L Sears Securitas Security Services Marvin Seifert Sempra Employee Giving Network Peter Sender SFN Group The Shade Store LLC Shamrock Bail Bonds, LLC Joseph Sharba Colleen Sheehey-Church Shell Oil Company Sherwin Williams Shirley Sayre Memorial Fund Shirley Waldbaum Witkin Foundation Riley Short Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Siemens Caring Hands Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Simi Valley Police Officers’ A Charles W Sinclair

Falangetti & Weimortz Law Farmers Electric Cooperative FedEx Joshua Feldman Katherine Ferguson

Irene Ferrari Teresa Ferris

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nicolas & Rose Ann Finazzo

Johnny Fisher Flashpin, LLC George Flowers

Richard & Barbara Flyg Fonvielle, Lewis, Foote & Messer Attorneys at Law Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Mirza Fortier Foundation for Southeast Texas David Fowler Frank & Margaret Bitar Foundation Bruce Frankel Jason Franklin Alan Fredrick Owen Freeman Fresno Foundation Fresno Police Department Freya & Richard Block Joel Friedman Fulbright Association Minnesota George and Lei Fukuhara Charles J Fuschillo Sally Ganem John Gannett Catherine Garcia Maria Hernandez Garcia

Mobis Alabama Mohawk Honda Fabian A Molina David S Monge

Mario Montenegro Milagros Montesino Dee Montfeld Montwood High School Elizabeth Moore Keith Moore Michael Moore Rodrigo Mora Paulo Morales Dant E Morris Greg Morris Donna & Harold Morrison

James Morrissey Mitchell Morrissey Mary Ann Morrow Motorists Mutual Insurance Co. Carol Mummert Robert Mzik Nicole Nason National Philanthropic Trust Navigant Credit Union Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Kathryn A Nelson Rory Nesbitt Joe A Neuman Neurobehavioral Resource New Haven Terminal Inc. Chemicals & Petroleum Storage Services Newport Beach Police Association Nexgen Pflug Nicola Melissa Nikolic NK Towing & Roadside Tyson Muniz Robert Myers

Dean H. Gardner James Gardner Natalie Garmendia Chan Garnett Christina Gaskin Michael M George Gerace & Associates Lewis Ghiz Susan Gillette Mary Ginn Rudolph Giuliani Give With Liberty The Glen Oaks Club

Merita Johnson Robert Johnson Tina Johnston Bernadine C. Jones Izola Jones Jill and Paul Jones Ruth Joseph Aravind K. Joshi JP Morgan Chase

Margaret Golding Network For Good Patrice Gordon Gottlieb The Gould Insurance Group LLC

Marc Skertic Brian Smith


Year ended December 31, 2015 ($ in millions) Assets

$ 5,086 11,220 1,790 2,304 779 38 644 $21,861

Cash and cash equivalents Investments, at market value Receivables, net Contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other Literature and supplies Property and equipment, net


Total Assets

Public Support Revenue

Liabilities and net assets Accounts payable Accrued liabilities

$ 42 2,067 911 3,020

Deferred revenue & rent

Total Liabilities

18,841 $21,861

Net Assets Net Assets at end of year


Government grants, corporations, fundraising & in-kind Individual contributions and net special events Victim impact panel fees, licenses & other





% %

24 100

Services Provided

Year ended December 31, 2015 ($ in the millions) Revenues Individual contributions and net special events Corporations and foundations Government In-kind Victim impact panel fees Licenses, promotions and other


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

2015 Total

$12,457 3,228 8,218 1,642 6,432 2,353 34,330 965 35,295

$ 129 1,498

$12,586 4,726

8,218 1,642

6,432 2,353 35,957 0 35,957 13,572 11,799 2,927 3,395 6,058 37,751

Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving Victim Services Fundraising Management and General Underage Drinking Prevention

% % % % % %

36 31 16

1,627 (965) 662


Net assets released from restrictions

Total Revenues


9 8 100


Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving Victim Services Underage Drinking Prevention Managemet and general Fundraising

13,572 11,799 2,927 3,395 6,058 37,751

Total expenses



Provisions for Income Taxes



Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

0 10 $10

(2,507) 18,019 $15,512

662 2,657 $3,319

(1,845) 20,686 $ 18,841



MADD National Oce 511 E John Carpenter Freeway Suite 700

Irving, TX 75072 877.ASK.MADD 877.MADD.HELP 24-Hour Victim Help Line

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