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hen I entered the real estate space in my early twenties, I did so as the son and the grandson of real estate investors. Real estate is in my family, but because it was always part of our internal conversations, I had never really thought about it as an industry. We just always had rentals and real estate projects. It was the way things were. I knew it was a great business and a space filled with great potential. As I evolved as a real estate investor and did more and more successful deals, I realized that our industry lacks the articulate, responsible “voice” to guide the conversations that I took for granted in my own home. Think about it: If you want to learn about the financial markets, you probably read up on the topic on Bloomberg or Forbes or The Wall Street Journal . You educate yourself at the resources that are generally acknowledged to be the primary experts in the field, and you compile your knowledge accordingly. If you want to enter the real estate space, you also have access to countless educa- tional options. However, there is not necessarily a primary, generally acknowledged central source for vetting the information and education you receive. That lack of a coherent, credible voice is something that I believe we, as an industry, must resolve. In addition to being a real estate investor, I am a “marketing guy” at heart. I W Why We Strive to Influence the Real Estate Conversation INVESTOR INSIGHT FROM EDDIE WILSON. by Eddie Wilson

most principled people I know.” Ortner’s father was a police officer who also built several side businesses, including one based in construction. “As a result of his hard work and conservative, disciplined financial philosophies, he retired at 53 and is spending time with family in the amazing finan- cial security he created for himself and my mom,” Ortner said. “If I can have half the whole-life success he has had, I’ll be blessed beyond belief.” Ortner went on to name Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect , Jim Rohn, the “original business philoso- pher,” and Jocko Willink, owner of Echelon Front and author of the book Extreme Ownership , as additional mentors and role models. “They know that simple doesn’t mean easy; consistency is vital, and balance is integral to success,” Ortner summarized. “I don’t think there is a magic pill for success, so these hard-working, disciplined people inspire me.” KEVIN ORTNER ON “GETTING OFF THE SIDELINES” “I am passionate about spreading the word about real estate investing and the massive opportunities available in SFR. Too many people sit on the sidelines because they think real estate

investing is too complicated or difficult. They don’t know how to get started or do not even know it is a good option for long-term wealth creation. My mission is to spread the word and help Americans become financially free, one house at a time. I want to demystify this asset class and the process of investing in it and convince people they can do this! “I have been on this mission for the last 10 years to find ways to make real estate investing and SFR, in particular, accessible to everyone. I experienced the benefits myself, and people need that long-term financial security now more than ever.” KEVIN ORTNER ON “GETTING RICH SLOW” “I like to say that real estate investing is not about getting rich quick. It’s about getting rich slow. If you have the right partners in place to educate, assist, and guide you, then you make the right acquisitions the right way and you build a real estate investment portfolio that creates financial securi- ty. It’s all fairly simple if you have the right partners in place and you have the ability to be patient.” KEVIN ORTNER ON “ACCIDENTAL LANDLORDS” “I’m particularly proud of how we have helped a lot of people who were ‘accidental landlords’ after the housing crash and during the recession. In a lot of cases, we even converted them to intentional investors who are buying more homes to rent now and building their portfolios. Renters Warehouse really emerged as a leader during those years when we were speaking directly to people stuck in their homes who needed a solution. “At the time, it felt great because we were helping people out of a bad situation and creating our own clients at the same time. Now, we’ve become pioneers in this space because we are reaching out to people who may have no idea about real estate investing and helping them turn their financial fortunes around by getting involved in the real estate world. “What drives me, personally, forward on this path is trying to make this avenue to financial health and security accessible to everyone, to show people in a tough spot that there is another way.” •

managed television and radio for years, and I grew some of the biggest stations and names in the country from their very beginnings to the huge, influential pres- ences they are today. In my opinion and experience, an industry that has credi- ble, thoughtful, responsible leaders is an industry that thrives professionally as a whole and on an individual level. As real estate investors, our industry needs this voice. Sure, there are lobbyists

As investors, it is our responsibility to create a community that self- regulates and self-educates in a way that legitimizes our practices and our purpose.

out there working for certain real estate-related interests already, but the active, individu- al real estate investor needs a place to vet their information, assemble their resources, and marshal their thoughts on strategy, policy, and even personality. When this voice exists, the professional space takes on legitimacy that it never had before and the members of the industry benefit in terms of hard-money profits and professional reputation. Our real estate industry needs a voice. Think Realty’s investor community is the place where you can contribute to that voice and reap the rewards of education, expertise, and excellence. I hope you’ll join us. •

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