While living with a terminal illness, there may be moments when you don’t know where to start, or who to ask, as you prepare for the end of life. Following is a “road map”, to help you start, or continue, along your journey, organized into “steps”, to show some of the priorities.

❦ HOW DO I START TO PREPARE FOR THE END OF LIFE? Step 1: Create a Personal Directive

A Personal Directive names someone (an “Agent”), whom you’ve chosen to make decisions regarding health matters. The agent steps in when you are unable to make your own decisions because of illness, or injury. This could be temporary or long term. • This is a legal document, but does not need to be authorized by a lawyer. You can, however, ask your lawyer to authorize your Personal Directive. • How do I complete a Personal Directive? • Read Instruction Sheet for Personal Directive Form f • Complete the Personal Directive Form

• Ensure your Agent agrees to this role • A social worker can help you with this • Give a copy to your Doctor, your agent(s), and any organization that is responsible for your care (e.g. Assisted Living)

Step 2: Discuss your Goals of Care with your Doctor “Goals of Care” (GOC) is a medical order, a 2-page form, used to describe and communicate the general aim, or focus, of care including the preferred location of that care. Your GOC designation: • Ensures your voice is heard when you can no longer speak for yourself • The GOC form is kept in a “Green Sleeve”, a transparent plastic sleeve, prepared by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and containing several other Advance Care Planning resources • Should be placed on, or near, your fridge in the event EMS responds to an emergency in your house • Should be taken to your doctors’ appointments, including your GP and any specialists you see For educational videos on GOC: Step 3: Create an Enduring Power of Attorney In Alberta, you need to create an “Enduring Power of Attorney” (EPA) to give a person you’ve chosen the legal authority to act on your behalf with respect to your financial affairs while you are alive. An EPA: • Can take effect immediately, or if you lose mental capacity • Does not give someone the legal authority to make decisions about your health care. A Personal Directive is required for this.

To read a booklet about what is involved in making an Enduring Power of Attorney:


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