Step 4: Complete your Will A Will is a legal document that allows you to decide how your finances, estate, and property are distributed after death. A Will can also name a guardian for any minors after your death. • We recommend you consult a lawyer to prepare your Will • If you die without a Will, your estate will face legal and administration fees to determine how the estate is distributed • It is important to talk to your Enduring Power of Attorney, to ensure they: • Agree to this role • Have a paper copy of your Personal Directive, Enduring Power of Attorney and Will, and knows the location of these documents •

Step 5: Complete Your Advance Care Plan (ACP) Advance Care Planning Is a way to help you think about, talk about and document wishes for health care if you become incapable of consenting to, or refusing, treatment, or other care. (see Disease Management , page 9, for more information).

For more information, see Advance Care Planning and Conversations Matter

Step 6: Create a Legacy In palliative care, we refer to legacy activities as an intentional way for families and friends to create special moments together before death occurs. • A hospice in Waterloo suggests some of the following activities to help families and friends create memorable moments together: • Create a scrapbook with pictures/keepsakes related to a particular time in your life • Create a photo album of favourite photos with accompanying captions • Compile a binder of favourite recipes • Compile a collection of favourite songs or hymns • Create a quilt made out of your favorite T-shirts or other fabric items • Handprints of you and/or your loved ones in plaster • Write cards, or purchase gifts, for a future birthday, holiday or special occasion • Write a poem or a song created specifically for your loved one(s) • Plant a tree • Ethical Wills: write a letter to your family that shares your personal & family values, beliefs, spiritual values, accomplishments, hopes/wishes, life lessons, forgiveness etc. • On a flat bed sheet trace the body of a child or grandchild. This sheet can represent a hug when you cover your loved one. • The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) featured the following article on Legacy work. It is entitled

“A Dying Patient Leaves a Legacy”. Please consider reading this article


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