❦ HOW DO I CREATE A PERSONAL DIRECTIVE? • Print and complete the form in this link, as soon as possible • Read instruction sheet for Personal Directive Form • Ensure your agent agrees to this role • Give a copy to your doctor, your agent(s), and any organization that is responsible for your care (e.g. Assisted Living Facility) • NOTE: This is a legal document, but does not need to be authorized by a lawyer. However, you can ask your lawyer to authorize it. 19. Create an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) In Alberta, while you are alive, you need to create an EPA, and choose a person with the legal authority to act on your behalf with respect to your financial affairs. This can take effect immediately, or when you lose mental capacity. It does not give someone the legal authority to make decisions about your health. (see number 18, above, about a Personal Directive.)

❦ HOW DO I CREATE AN EPA? • Start by reading the following booklet about what is involved in making an EPA:

20. “I’m Dead, Now What?” This book helps you organize and communicate important information to your Enduring Power of Attorney and your agent for your Personal Directive, about health, legal and personal matters.

You can purchase this book for under $20.00 at • Cafe Books in Canmore • • Bow River Funeral Service

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