❦ CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH INFORMATION ABOUT PLANNING MY FUNERAL? I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START. The Alberta Government created a helpful booklet titled “Saying Farewell: A Guide to Assist You with Preplan- ning and with the Death and Dying Process”. Please consider downloading and printing this document to help you, or your family, plan your funeral. This booklet provides information about funerals, legal requirements surrounding death, burial, Wills, estates, pa- perwork and financial assistance. ❦ WHAT FUNERAL AND LEGAL SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN THE BOW VALLEY?

The table below shows only some of the available services. You can check other sources for additional legal services.




Funeral Services, Bow Valley

403-678-4880 Canmore 403-762-2159 Banff 1508 Railway Ave., Canmore, AB

Bow River Funeral Service Russ and Wendy Reynolds

Legal Services, Banff

Eric Harvey Barrister and Solicitor

403-762-3438 202, 216 Banff Ave., Banff, AB 403-762-4206 200, 201 Bear Street, Banff, AB

Grover Froese Professional Corporation (Lisa Grover & Rod Froese)

Legal Services, Canmore

403-678-9822 200, 729 10 St., Canmore, AB

Jessica L. Sturgeon

403-678-4225 209, 710 10 St., Canmore AB 403-678-0708 221, 1001 6 Ave., Canmore, AB

Grover Froese Professional Corporation (Lisa Grover & Rod Froese)

Blackett Law (Don Blackett)

403-678-5777 826 10 Street, Canmore, AB

Tannis Naylor


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