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Rockland resident takes care of the most vulnerable; she’s a registered nurse at the Ottawa General Hospital. Yet the smiling woman also has somewhat of a second identity. When she’s not taking care of pa- tients in the recovery room, she pursues a career in acting which hasmade her travel

throughout the province and has enabled her to visit sides of her she didn’t know existed. But why would a career nurse suddenly decide to jump wholeheartedly into the world of cinema? “I remember watching movies as a child and wanting to be in them,” explainedMain- ville in her Rockland house, during one of her rare days off. “But as I grew up, I took the safe route and pursuedmy education, getting a nursing degree and becoming a nurse.” But along the years, Mainville became aware that she longed for something else. She wanted to be known for something other than being a nurse. Her exciting adventure into acting started only a couple of years ago. “I started by doing somemodelling,” she said, smiling. “During shoots, they ask you to show several differ- ent emotions. That’s where I met a casting director.” Her acting career snowballed from there. She quickly took part in some acting work- shops, where she said she met amazing teachers. “I learned a lot from them,” she explained. “They showedme to step out off my comfort zone.” Mainville, who admits to having been plagued by shyness, therefore had to open up and truly become one with the camera and script, something she has accomplished several times. Channeling her surroundings The Rockland woman’s dive into the world of acting didn’t initially transform her into a rising star overnight. “In the be- ginning, you have to take on several vol- unteering positions,” she admitted. “But to think that directors, who are creating their masterpieces, wanted me to take part in it was simply amazing.” In addition, Mainville stressed that an acting resume is quite different than a nor- mal one. “They don’t care if you worked

at McDonald’s or if you were a nurse,” she indicated. “They want to know in what you were and what kind of acting experience you possess. When I started, I had nothing.” She therefore had to take on several dif- ferent roles, the likes of whichmade her truly appreciate the overall atmosphere of acting. “I did several short films, a web series and even voice acting.” In order to push herself to her limit, Main- ville decided to create a list of goals. “My first one was to be in something relatively big,” she added. “I accomplished that with Past Redemption.” The web series filmed in Quebec has gar- nered quite some praise amongst viewers. Past Redemption is a character-driven series about survival in a small impoverished town, where the options are to be law abiding and live in poverty or be involved in petty crime where prospects improve dramatically. “I really had a fun time doing it,” the nurse confided. “It was my first taste of real acting.” The premier of the first series was show- cased at theMayfairTheater, to a huge crowd. Episodes are routinely released on the series’ website and the first episode of the second season is already in the works. “It’s going to be very interesting,” explainedMainville.


In this day and age, you could consider Julie Mainville a superhero. Although she doesn’t wear a cape or sport a mask, the

Our Motto: A community engaged in wellness, healing and trusting collaborative relationships. Our Family Health Team is located in the Town of Hawkesbury, a bilingual community situated in Eastern Ontario, 1 hour from the Laurentians and the US border as well as 55 minutes from Montreal and Ottawa. Our Interdisciplinary Health Professionals work with 23 family physicians, 2 Nurse Practitioners and 3 nurses. We are looking for a professional to fill one (1) Full time position, as a Mental Health Counsellor. Mental Health Worker/Counsellor RESPONSIBILITIES - Knowledge of mental illness diagnoses, medications and ability to assist clients with symptom management; - Ability to provide individual, group and family counseling. Expertise in brief treatment approaches; clinical expertise in empirically validated treatment approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and, emotion-focused therapy; - Knowledge of community services pertaining to mental health and addictions; - Demonstrated skills in assessment, program planning, implementation and evaluation; - Knowledge of client-centered philosophy, basic principles and practices of community service delivery and short-term treatment options; - Ability to work collaboratively as part of an interdisciplinary health team; - Ability to administer psychometric tools. QUALIFICATIONS • Minimum 5 years combined education and experience in the human service field. Experience related to community based mental health preferred. University degree in a human services related field preferably a Master’s degree in Social Work, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology or Educational Counseling preferred; • Advanced language skills in both French and English required.

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If you are a qualified, experienced health professional able to practice in both French and English, please send your CV to before September 9, 2016 (email application only).

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