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R enovation /R estoration Bath Saver Commercial, LLC Save time and money on bath renovations

athroom maintenance and remodeling issues prov ide an endl ess source of frustration for today’s property managers. • Worn and stained tubs are unattractive to current and pro- spective tenants. • Tiles with endless grout issues are a maintenance night- mare. • Fiberglass fades chips and cracks, causing hidden and costly water damage. When these and other similar issues arise, several options are available to renovate bathtubs, showers and bath walls. The first option is to refinish the bathtub and tile. Also called B



re-glazing, this method gener- ally involves a spray-like finish applied onsite. Unfortunately,

oppressive fumes from toxic chemicals often linger days past the treatment, signaling tenants

to call with complaints. This quick fix is just that: a temporary solution. The process must be

Continued on page 11A •Acrylic replacement tubs and shower bases come in a variety repeated every few years with diminishing results, producing a badly worn tub with layers of peeling, unattractive and often caustic paint. A second option is a complete replacement of the bath or show- er unit. As one might expect, this is a daunting task even for expe- rienced in-house maintenance teams and often inconveniences tenants for a week or longer. Ad- ditionally, the new tub or shower may not have the same footprint as the removed unit, leaving ex- posed subfloor and necessitating the expense of adding a new floor to the renovation list. Because home improvement store replacement bathtub and wall surround kits are often fabricated with thin, weak ma- terials, leaking is inevitable. Although a one piece fiberglass unit may seem a viable solution, these units are often less sturdy than in years prior and will not fit through a bathroom door without major demolition and additional expense. Frustrated with these costly and temporary solutions, numer- ous property managers choose acrylic wall systems that are matched to replacement bath- tubs, tub liners and shower systems. • Acrylic one piece bath walls are installed right over unsightly ceramic and extend to the ceil- ing to lock out all moisture that causes mold, mildew and wall damage. Acrylic finishes are non-porous mak- ing them extremely easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. • Custom acrylic tub liners are specifically made to fit any model of tub and fit perfectly. When properly installed with a matching one piece wall, these units will look and perform well for decades—even under chal- lenging rental conditions.

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We are a full service restoration company, specializing in the property damage end from losses due to hail, fire, wind, water, flood, vandalism, puff backs, soot clean up, & mold. Working for you in Adams, York, Lancaster, Cumberland and Dauphin counties. We are a 24/7 company

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