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Corbett Exterminating Bed bug management: Technology update

ed bugs have replaced cockroaches and ants as the number one pest in multi-family housing. Their reach extends beyond our cities well into suburban and rural apartment complexes. Most housing managers have already dealt with them and the problems they bring. Con- trary to what some people still believe bed bugs do not come from a “dirty house” and they are not invisible. Adult bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed and as flat as a piece of paper when they have not fed. Most feeding occurs at night while people are asleep. Bed bugs return to their hid- ing places soon after feeding. Like mosquitoes, they puncture the skin and feed on blood but unlike mosquitoes there is no evidence that they transmit diseases. Like cockroaches, bed bugs have an aggregation pheromone that makes them want to cluster together. This would help the control effort if they all did what they are supposed to, but rogue females leave the group for a variety of reasons to stay alone - possibly B

pesticides to penetrate. Bed bug biology and habits work against us and in favor of the bed bug. So what can be done to eliminate bed bugs? Do they have an Achilles’ heel? They certainly do. The control method that overcomes all of these ob- stacles is heat, bed bugs have poor tolerance for it. Adults and nymphs die at temperatures above 113°F and eggs die above 122°F. To create and distribute the heat inside an apartment, Corbett Exterminating has incorporated the Thermal Re- mediation equipment by Tem- pAir into our B.I.T.E. Back! ™ system. Our Bed Bug Intensive Thermal Elimination (B.I.T.E.) program uses stand up heaters to create hot air which we pre- cisely direct throughout each room with large fans. Bed bugs die anywhere and everywhere we can get the hot air to blow through. This program takes more of the responsibilities and stress off the resident through dramatically decreased prepa- ration requirements, quicker reentry times (usually an hour or less after completion) and decreased pesticide usage. The

heat also kills a variety of other insects including all flying in- sects and cockroaches. Actual heating time ranges from four to six hours in each apartment with temperatures maintained between 125°F and 135°F. Bed bugs exposed to these tem- peratures die in less than a minute. Our proactive approach is unique, thorough and three dimensional using very little pesticide material. Corbett Exterminating is GreenPro Certified through the National Pest Management A ssociation, application, giving the same longevity as the aforementioned custom made tub liners. • Converting a tub to a shower is a perfect upgrade for those ten- ants that no longer need or want a tub. Built-in showers provide much improved access for aging tenants, with wheelchair acces- sible units provided to meet ADA standards. Bathtub and shower renova- tors such as Bath Fitter provide highly trained employee install- Continued from page 10A Save time and money . . . sizes to fit nearly any

the world leader in promoting green pest management. The treatment takes place in one day and there are two follow up inspections included during the first 45 days after the treatment. Apartments directly adjacent to the problem unit are monitored for bed bug activity before, dur- ing and after the treatment. It is important to note that we do not rely solely on the heaters to kill bed bugs; this is not a passive program. Our pest management professionals perform other pest control functions. n ers to quickly and professionally complete any job. Tub liners and walls can be installed in a single day in occupied units, minimiz- ing tenant inconvenience. Con- versions and bathtub or shower replacements take only half a day longer. A full line of colors, styles and accessories are avail- able to complete the job. Bath Fitter has received the award for Top Performer in bath- room remodeling from Qualified Remodeler for 11 years in a row. Check our reputation with your local BBB and Angie’s List. n

behind a picture in the hallway, under the jacket of a book or in- side the telephone for example. Traditional chemical treat- ments may be effective but the problem must be successfully micromanaged to work properly. Quite often, the stray individual bed bugs must be found and eliminated. To complicate the issue, many bed bug groups have developed a resistance to pesticides, making them much harder to kill with these materials. Bed bugs also have internal defense mechanisms for detoxification and a thicker exoskeleton that is harder for Corbett technician setting up Thermal Remediation equipment, part of the B.I.T.E Back! Bed Bug treatment


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