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Physical therapy treatments are catered toward your needs and goals! Physical therapy is generally comprised of three important phases: pain relief, strengthening, and functional integration. Some people are apprehensive toward physical therapy because they believe it will hurt them; however, the opposite is usually true. Physical therapy is aimedatpainreliefandstrengthening.This isachievedthroughseveral treatment services, such as ice and heat therapies, stretching, bracing, and ultrasound.  An active lifestyle is also dependent upon movement. Our physical therapists will cater your treatment plan around specific movements designed to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall mobility. Your physical therapist will assist you with many of these exercises, but will also provide some simple ones that can be done at home.  The end goal of physical therapy is living the life you want, free from painful limitations. That can only happen when you apply the concepts you learn from your treatments to the outside world. Our physical therapistsareasdedicatedasyouare,andwillencourageyoutoachieve all the goals you set forth in the beginning.

A healthy, strong, and active lifestyle is what everyone strives for. However, it is not always easy to obtain, especially for those suffering from chronic pain. The very thought of going out and exercising with your aches and pains may leave you feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a simpler solution to gaining the active lifestyle you desire. Physical therapy can help you achieve optimum levels of health and fitness, all while reducing your pain. If you are looking for a healthier, stronger, and more active lifestyle, contact Synergy Rehab & Wellness today! Getting on track with physical therapy The purpose of physical therapy remains the same, no matter what you are seeking its services for. Perhaps you are still suffering from the lingering pain of an injury? Perhaps you are recovering from a surgery andtryingtogetyourrangeofmotionback?Perhapsyour jointssimply aren’t what they used to be, and you are looking for relief? Whatever thecasemaybe,physicaltherapistsarededicatedtorelievingyourpain and getting you back to your peak level of physical health.  A physical therapist is a movement specialist, educated in analyzing mobility issueswithwalking,running, jumping,bending,stretching,and almosteveryother formofphysicalactivity.Ourphysicaltherapistscan pinpointproblemareasandcreateacustomizedtreatmentplanaimed at improving those areas. Through in-office sessions and at-home exercises, patients strengthen their muscles and joints, improve their balance, build endurance, and experience pain relief, all without the unwanted harmful risks of drugs or surgery.

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