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A Lifelong Dream Accomplished for Olympic Athletic Therapist AndreaPrieur

Andrea Prieur shares her experience as an Athletic Therapist who has travelled to not one, but two Olympic Games working with the elite Canadian athletes. Andrea’s story begins with the application process to become a medical volunteer. 1. How were you able to travel as an Athletic Therapist to the Olympics? Each health professional – a Physiotherapist, sport medicine physician, sport massage therapist and an Athletic therapist have to apply to their association to be nominated to the team. You need to be able to travel at least 10 days before the games and it is a volunteer position. 2. Which sport’s athletes did you work with? At the 2016 Olympics, I was primarily situated with our Team Canada beach volleyball and diving. Which means I was courtside in case of any injuries on the field of play for both men’s and women’s teams. I also was available before and after to provide any recovery massage, or necessary treatment for injuries. 3. How many hours per day did you work with the teams? Whenever the teams trained, I was at the venue. Whenever they didn’t train, I was available for treatment. Remember that the beach volleyball venue was located at Copacabana beach which was about an hour commute from the Village each way. Very different was the schedule for beach – some games started at 11pm! 4. What have you learned from these experiences so far that you will apply to your daily therapy practice at home? I think one of the most interesting things is how collaborative therapies can be to optimize recovery. No one type of treatment works for each person – it is much more advantageous to combine

a massage and therapy or acupuncture and therapy.

5. What was Rio like after all of the media attention? The Rio hosts and country overall were amazing! We were able to see Christ the Redeemer as well as a couple of beautiful beaches. The people were very proud to host and were always accommodating. They really did the best job they could!

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