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BUSINESS NEWS GRAND OPENING HELD FOR RIVEREDGE PARK PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE, A NEW LANDMARK FOR DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT IN AURORA, ILLINOIS T.Y. Lin International , a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announced that TYLI joined city officials and residents to mark the grand opening of the new RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge over the Fox River in Aurora, Illinois. The firm was contracted by the city of Aurora to design the signature pedestrian-bicycle bridge, which is a critical part of the master plan to redevelop the City’s historic downtown district. “T.Y. Lin International’s innovative design for the RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge successfully balances diverse user needs while providing an iconic, cost-effective landmark representing the city’s bright future,” said Dan Fitzwilliam, P.E., TYLI senior bridge engineer. TYLI’s services for the project included bridge architecture, aesthetic lighting design, structural engineering, and electrical engineering. Initially, the firm developed eight bridge concepts along four alignment profiles. The final bridge design, which was developed through a series of public meetings and refinements with City staff, is a seven- span concrete girder structure with a graceful S-curve alignment. The bridge superstructure features a central beam “spine” from which two pathways cantilever on either side. The segregated twin pathways allow the faster commuter bicyclists to be safely separated from the slower pedestrians. From the riverbanks, the pathway decks gradually rise to the top of the girder at the midspan, where overlooks and benches offer scenic views of the Fox River and downtown Aurora. The RiverEdge Park Pedestrian Bridge unites the new RiverEdge Park on the east side of the

river with existing neighborhoods, redeveloped parks, and trails. The bridge also allows non- motorized commuters to connect across the river to the recently improved, multimodal Aurora Transportation Center. Founded in 1954, T.Y. Lin International is a globally recognized, full-service infrastructure consulting firm committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, constructible designs for the global infrastructure market. With 3,200 employees working in 65 offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the firm provides support on projects of varying size and complexity. SEVAN RANKED AMONG TOP FIRMS ON ENGINEERING NEWS-RECORD’S 2021 AWARDS LISTS Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, Inc. – a leader in innovative design, program management, construction services, and data analytics – has earned spots on the recent award lists by Engineering News-Record . Sevan was ranked No. 21 on ENR’s Top 50 Program Management Firms list and No. 44 on the Top 100 Construction Management- for-Fee Firms list. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Sevan has earned a spot on the Top 50 Program Management Firms list and the 3rd year in the Top 100 Construction Management-for-Fee Firms. “This distinction is an incredible honor and industry staple that highlights our team’s exemplary commitment to our clients and partners,” said Jim Evans, president and CEO of Sevan. “It is wonderful to be recognized again by ENR, alongside so many great global program management and construction companies.” The lists recognize firms finding new momentum in their business, and rankings are based on annual revenue. ENR conducts annual surveys that assess key segments of

the construction industry and ranks companies within those segments. In 2021, Sevan was recognized as an Employee-Rated Great Place to Work for the 8th consecutive year. In 2020, Sevan ranked No. 124 on the Financial Times FT 1000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies and made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Companies for the 3rd consecutive year. Visit our website to learn more about Sevan, our 2021 award rankings and acquisitions. Sevan helps iconic, global brands optimize their multi-site construction and facility programs in the U.S. and internationally. We are headquartered near Chicago, Illinois with 400+ employees and an international office in London. The vision of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions is to be the best in the world at delivering innovative design, program management, construction services, and data analytics to organizations with multiple sites. Sevan has a passion for sustaining people, the environment, and its clients’ businesses. Sevan rolls out multi-site initiatives efficiently, predictably and transparently. Applying breakthrough technology solutions, Sevan optimizes construction of new builds, rebuilds, remodels and renovations. Sevan has licensed architects in 49 states and D.C., Canadian provinces, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Sevan has professional engineers on staff and general contractor licenses in more than 25 states. Since Sevan’s inception in 2011, the team has refreshed more than 21,000 retail stores and 14,000 restaurants. The team has also completed more than 28,000 surveys, totaling to more than 700 million square feet.

6)Marketing and branding will become increasingly sophisticated. Just having a good website and doing regular social media postings is nowhere near enough to keep up today. Real video production capabilities, creating podcast series, doing original market research, and even measurement of brain waves of those who are observing marketing messages will be things most firms in this business will be doing in the future. Marketing is not standing still. MARK ZWEIG is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at “It’s been said many times before that ‘business dislikes uncertainty.’ Well, good luck to those of you who are owners and managers of AEC businesses, because you will never be able to eliminate uncertainty!”

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communication skills to succeed as consultants in client- facing roles or managers of other people. But now our schools aren’t turning out nearly enough architects and engineers and surveyors to meet an ever-increasing demand for their skills. And we are facing unprecedented needs in so many sectors – water and wastewater, power, transportation, housing, health care, and many more. If there is any silver lining to this labor shortage cloud it’s that AEC firms have been able to raise their prices. 5)Debt-laden firms are going to be hamstrung because interest rates will go up. Borrowing money has been ridiculously cheap for a long time. I don’t see how it can continue. If firms that are used to borrowing money at 4 percent to 5 percent interest are suddenly finding themselves paying 10 percent or more (and we have had higher rates than that in the past) because inflation is running away, it’s going to be a big drag on profitability and growth for the firms that have a lot of debt.

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