ZERO Prostate Cancer Annual Report 2021

Supporting Our Troops at Home

Stronger Communities In 2021, thanks to the recently completed merger with Us TOO , ZERO’s Us TOO support group network proudly grew to encompass 39 states, with additional groups to come. Support groups provide people impacted by prostate cancer with an opportunity to learn from shared experiences with others with a common purpose. While every prostate cancer diagnosis is unique, members of support groups often have similar feelings, worries, and concerns. Finding a support group can help one feel less lonely, improve understanding of treatments and side effects, reduce feelings of anxiety and distress, and so much more. Groups are available for all, virtually and in person, and include groups for veterans, Black men, the LGBTQIA+ community, caregivers, Spanish-speaking men, deaf men, and others. Care Across the Nation Through the dedication of cause heroes like you, ZERO’s national network of Chapter communities continues to expand to connect, support, and activate patients, survivors, families, medical partners, and corporations fighting to end prostate cancer. Our Chapters work to fuel ZERO’s economic engine, amplify patients’ voices, and bring ZERO’s initiatives to the local level allowing our programs to have a more impactful reach nationwide. ZERO has steadily grown our Chapter program each year while building staff committed to learning from those in their territory and making meaningful connections to move the ZERO mission forward. To better serve the national prostate cancer community, ZERO added three new Chapters in 2021 in Northern California, South Atlantic (FL, GA, AL, Central and Western TN,) and Southeast (NC, SC, Eastern TN) regions . ZERO’s Chapter team members have staff partners dedicated to unaffiliated states who work with Champions, fundraisers, and supporters in these regions to keep the fight to end prostate cancer moving forward.


To learn more about your local Chapter and how to get involved, contact your Chapter team member today!

New England Chapter (VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI) Renee Haney National Director, Chapters Central Midwest Chapter (IA, MO, KS, NE) Emily Sybrant Regional Director, Central/Western Chapters Katilin Myers, Manager Upper Midwest Chapter (MN, IL, WI) Tracy Cameron, Director East Coast Metro Chapter (NY, NJ, Greater Philadelphia Area) Renee Haney National Director, Chapters Tori Russell, Manager Mid-Atlantic Chapter (PA, DE, VA, MD, Washington, D.C.) Renee Haney National Director, Chapters Lishey Dent, Manager

Texas/Oklahoma Chapter Daniella Garza, Coordinator South Atlantic Chapter (NC, SC, Eastern TN) Matt Miller, Director Southeast Chapter (GA, AL, FL, Central and Western TN) Josh Woods, Director Southern California Chapter (Greater Bakersfield to Mexico Border) Emily Sybrant Regional Director, Central/Western Chapters Northern California Chapter (Greater Fresno to Oregon Border) Kourtney Brandt, Director Unaffiliated Chapter Regions Renee Haney National Director, Chapters Shawn K. Supers Director, Donor Relations

Veterans face a higher diagnosis rate of prostate cancer when compared to the general population. One in five American veterans will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, making the resources, tools, and education to fight this disease urgently important. These are alarming numbers, and immediate action, as well as future planning, are critically important to ensuring veterans receive the support and care they need. In 2021, The ZERO Prostate Cancer Veterans Initiative helped support the Veterans’ Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act which is expected to pass both the House and Senate soon. The bill aims to establish a national clinical pathway for prostate cancer within the Veterans Health Administration and would ensure that the VA provides world-class prostate cancer care to our nation’s veterans and leads the way in identifying a cure for this deadly disease. ZERO’s Veterans Prostate Cancer Working Group continues to bring together members of the prostate cancer and veterans service communities to advance policy priorities. ZERO is also committed to developing and disseminating prostate cancer educational materials and supporting research for veterans and active-duty military members.

1 in 5 U.S. veterans will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among U.S. veterans. Nearly 489,000 prostate cancer patients are in the VA healthcare system. Prostate cancer rates in the military are twice those of the general population. 16,000 of these patients have metastatic prostate cancer.

“  AS A PROSTATE CANCER PATIENT AND VETERAN, I know that no man is an island, and I knew early on that I would need the support of many. I turned to ZERO for help in my journey, and now I’m proud to give back by being an advocate and a Champion. We’re on the front lines helping men and families who are facing the hardest battle of their lives by providing support, education, and hope for a cure. “ Colonel Mark Franklin

US Army, Retired ZERO Champion


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