ZERO Prostate Cancer Annual Report 2021

Building a Hopeful Future: ZERO Champions ZERO Champions Making a Difference

to the 2015 South Florida Run/Walk and have been instrumental in the race and ZERO’s mission ever since. This year, Grace has been actively involved in fundraising and supporting the growth of our Tee-Off event in Miami, working alongside ZERO’s Southeast Chapter Director Josh Woods to help raise more than $21,000 for prostate cancer patients and families. Thank you to Grace, Marlene, and Danielle for your inspirational dedication to ZERO’s mission!

and inspiration from one another to advance the cause and accomplish incredible things in both their local communities and across the country. ZERO Champions are critical to the success of our mission to ZERO out prostate cancer. We continue to expand our outreach nationwide to welcome new Champions who will be the changemakers to create Generation ZERO, the first generation free from prostate cancer. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to our 550+ Champions nationwide. You are making an indelible difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients and families, and we are incredibly #ZEROProud of you. Are you inspired to join the ranks of committed heroes and become a ZERO Champion? We’d be thrilled to include you in our inspiring group of passionate leaders. Champions have exclusive access to program benefits that will help establish you as a leader and resource within your community. To join ZERO’s incredible national group of dedicated leaders, please contact Shawn K. Supers, Director of Donor Relations, at , 202-344-9058, or visit for more information.

Last year, life during the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to slow to a halt for many but ZERO Champions never missed a beat. This inspiring group of individuals answered the call time and time again, playing an invaluable role in supporting the prostate cancer community. From volunteering, to fundraising, to mentoring, to being advocates and steadfast sources of support, our amazing Champions have done it all to support prostate cancer patients and families. With intimate and often first-hand knowledge of the pain caused by prostate cancer, Champions are committed to preventing and easing the suffering felt by the ZERO community. They find strength, support,

awareness to high-risk men who may not know their risk of developing the disease. Thank you, Michael, for your incredible commitment to our ZERO community!

Michael Dunne of Pennsylvania is a prostate cancer survivor who was diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer shortly after his 50th birthday. Although his father also had prostate cancer, Michael knew little about the disease and quickly armed himself with knowledge, turning to ZERO for support. As his surgery and treatment plans came to fruition, Michael promised himself one thing: once he was healed from surgery, he would help make sure men knew their risks and got the testing needed to detect the disease early. During Michael’s surgical recovery, he learned of ZERO’s Grow & Give campaign and made good on the promise he made himself. In 2021, he participated in Grow & Give, our national fundraising and awareness campaign, and raised more than $10,000 to fuel ZERO’s patient support resources, impact our work to secure and protect federal research dollars directed at prostate cancer and bring

Grace DeLeon of Florida is a caregiver who lost her beloved husband, Jose “Pepe” DeLeon, after a hard-fought battle against prostate cancer in 2015. Grace and her incredible daughters, Marlene and Danielle, have turned their loss into a family passion for advancing ZERO’s mission and helping make sure prostate cancer doesn’t hurt another family as it did theirs. After the loss of Pepe, Grace and her daughters have worked tirelessly to share his story to inspire others to fight the way Pepe did, to have hope, and to stay positive in their battle. In doing so, they found ZERO a few weeks prior

“  WE GOT INVOLVED WITH ZERO to help spread the word about prostate cancer. Men are often quiet about their illness and don’t want to speak up, but the disease is killing too many of our men, and it’s time to take action. “ Grace DeLeon ZERO Champion

“  WHY AM I PASSIONATE about the fight against prostate cancer? Because men need to know that their issues are just as important as they are. Because men need the extra encouragement to get help, to talk about what’s going on, and not shy away from their health just because the world isn’t making a spectacle out of it. Because it’s important to me, for my husband, for my father, for my son. “

Amanda Tribuzio ZERO Champion

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