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As the relentless heat continues to grip our region without any signs of letting up, I hope it's not a foreboding sign of hurricanes on the horizon. With water temperatures reaching alarming highs, any emerging storm would have the fuel for rapid development — a situation akin to adding kerosene to a fire. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the scorching temperatures subside soon. We're right in the thick of hurricane prime time, so it's essential to have a plan ready. Please ensure your Flood Policy is in place to protect your home and belongings. The best defense is preparation! With the kids back in school and the big wedding in the Vermost household approaching fast, the year seems to be flying by! As you can see by this month’s photo, our family has been bustling with events, including Ainsley's bridal shower for Noelle. Time waits for no one, and our last quarter is shaping up to be one filled with memorable moments. If you haven’t heard, the insurance industry in the U.S. is facing significant challenges. It's not a localized problem in Florida; the effects are being felt nationwide. Major players like Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, Kemper, Farmers, and Nationwide are either restricting their offerings or pulling out of states altogether. The landscape is changing rapidly, and it's unclear what the future will hold. Rest assured that we're here to assist you with your insurance needs through these turbulent times.

Celebrating Noelle’s bridal shower!

Unfortunately, the heat isn't the only thing that's stifling. The Tampa Bay Rays have had their share of woes. The All-Star break didn't provide the refreshing start to the second half of the season we hoped for. With pitchers still struggling with injuries and the hot bats cooling down, a turnaround is needed before the end of the season. Let's keep cheering them on! As college and professional football return next month, there's still plenty of excitement on the horizon. Here's to a season of great games and cooler temperatures! Until next month, stay safe and stay cool,

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CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE The Importance of Carrying Motorcycle Insurance Riding a motorcycle brings feelings of freedom and adventure like no other vehicle. However, along with the thrill, you are responsible for ensuring your safety and protecting your investment by finding the right insurance for your motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance is similar to car insurance in that it protects motorcycle riders and owners against a loss in case of an accident. By paying a set premium to an insurance company for coverage, the insurance company promises to cover specific damages and outlines financial losses that may occur during the policy term. Why is motorcycle insurance important? Financial Shield Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and repairing or replacing a motorcycle can be expensive. Motorcycle insurance covers damage resulting from an accident, theft, or vandalism. Liability Coverage Beyond protecting your interests, motorcycle insurance also covers your liability if you are involved in an accident that injures another

GROW A THRIVING GARDEN WHILE SAVING MONEY Be Sure to Follow These Steps! While it may be the fall season now, the temperature is still warm enough to encourage root growth for a garden! During the fall, you can plant blueberries, broccoli, garlic, radishes, spinach, lettuce, and several flowers such as asters, calendulas, and cosmos. However, planting can become expensive, especially if you have large metal raised beds for your garden. It may take several bags of soil to fill your garden bed, which can quickly put a dent in your wallet. Is there anything you can do to save money? Yes! Follow these four steps and watch your garden — and greenbacks — flourish. Step 1: Lay down cardboard. After setting up your raised garden bed, add a layer of cardboard (any type of cardboard will do) to the bottom of it. This layer will prevent weeds lurking in the dirt underneath the cardboard from sprouting and growing in the soil you will add later. Step 2: Add sticks and small logs. Similar to cardboard, adding sticks and logs will prevent weeds and other invasive plants from growing in your garden. And these limbs and twigs will provide much-needed bulk, minimizing the amount of soil needed to fill your containers. Step 3: Sprinkle grass clippings and shredded leaves. Nitrogen and carbon are essential to any garden because plants need nutrients to grow. While you can purchase nitrogen fertilizer at the store, recycling grass clippings and shredded leaves is a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative. You can also toss food scraps on this layer for additional nutrients! Step 4: Top with soil and compost. Finally, you can begin adding your soil. Because the bed is filled with other materials, you won’t need as much! After applying a good amount of soil, you can add compost to the mix if desired. Once everything is to your liking and your beds are full of soil

Vermost Insurance Now has a relationship with Chuck Chucri, who offers financial planning and investment

and nutrients, you’re ready to plant. Happy harvesting, everyone!

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Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work From Home Studies show that roughly 43% of parents work from home, which means you’ve likely experienced a few of your important meetings being interrupted by kid-fueled chaos. Whether you work remotely full time or out of your home office occasionally, keeping your children quiet long enough for you to stay focused on your job can be challenging. Here are some great ideas for keeping your little ones entertained during your 9-to-5 without Netflix playing babysitter. Let them be crafty. Kids are swift learners, and after a quick tutorial from you, they’ll be ready to tackle any art project. Gather construction paper, child-safe scissors, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, cardboard, and markers, then go online to find some creative ideas for arts and crafts that your kids can make themselves! Schedule sensory playtime. Sensory activities are sure to keep your kiddos busy and their minds engaged. While you work, let those little hands feel, poke, and explore different food textures, shaving cream, sand, Play-Doh, and water. Build a fort. Forts are a great way to keep your children entertained all day long — you’ll be surprised how long a few pillows, blankets, chip clips, and furniture cushions will keep little ones busy. Camping out in the wilderness of your family room is an epic adventure! Break out the puzzles. If your children are old enough to build puzzles, these are interactive enough to occupy them for a few hours. The best part is that puzzles can be incentive-based — offer a yummy treat or extra playtime later in the evening once they complete the puzzle! Get moving . Dance parties, balloon volleyball, kids’ yoga, indoor hopscotch, and scavenger hunts are some safe ways to keep your kids active indoors during your workday. These ideas will help burn off energy and pass the time while allowing you to concentrate in relative silence. With so much technology available today, it’s tempting to plop your kids in front of the television so you can get some work done. However, these ideas keep kids busy without relying too much on screen time and allow you to finish your work with minimal distractions. PARENTING PRO TIPS

person or damages their property. This insurance coverage can save you from potentially devastating legal costs and claims. Medical Expense Protection Accidents involving motorcycles can yield some serious injuries that require medical attention. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance often includes coverage for medical expenses to ensure you receive the care you need without worrying about the associated costs. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage Unfortunately, not all motorists on the road carry adequate (or any) insurance. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, your motorcycle coverage can help compensate for damages and injuries caused by the other party. Vermost Insurance Agency offers free, comparative quotes on motorcycle insurance from multiple insurance carriers. For a competitive rate for coverage that matches your individual needs, contact us today to see how much we can save you! (727) 748-2886

CALL FOR DETAILS OR TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY (727) 748-2886 Chuck Chucri, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, FLMI Financial Advisor The Prudential Insurance Company of America Our financial advisors and financial planners offer financial planning and/or investment advice through Pruco Securities, LLC (Pruco), under the marketing name Prudential Financial Planning Services (PFPS). A financial advisor or financial planner offers securities products and services as a registered representative of Pruco and offers insurance products as an agent of issuing insurance companies. 1 (800) 778-2255 Vermost Insurance is an independent organization and is not an affiliate of Prudential Financial.


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We want to thank everyone who referred their friends, family, and coworkers to Vermost Insurance throughout 2022. When you refer someone to us, you receive rewards for each referral and are entered into monthly and annual drawings for additional, even bigger prizes. Your referrals mean a lot to us, and we want to reward you for helping us grow our Vermost Insurance family. The annual grand prize winner of our 2022 referral program is Christine Taylor. She received a 55-inch 4K TV plus a $250 donation to charity of her choice. If you want a shot at the 2023 prize, keep sending referrals our way. Your referrals make us happy, and we hope our referral program makes you happy, too!

Christine Taylor is our 2022 referral winner of the 55-inch 4K TV plus a $250 donation to a charity of her choice.


• $5 Donation to our spotlight charity: Special Operations Memorial Foundation

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Wacky September Holidays

• Sept. 16: National Guacamole Day • Sept. 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day • Sept. 20: National String Cheese Day • Sept. 21: National Pecan Cookie Day • Sept. 22: National Elephant Appreciation Day • Sept. 24: National Ghost Hunting Day • Sept. 25: National One-Hit Wonder Day • Sept. 26: National Shamu The Whale Day • Sept. 27: National Crush a Can Day • Sept. 28: National Good Neighbor Day • Sept. 29: National Coffee Day • Sept. 30: National Chewing Gum Day

• Sept. 2: National Tailgating Day • Sept. 4: National Macadamia Nut Day • Sept. 5: National Be Late For Something Day • Sept. 6: National Read a Book Day • Sept. 7: National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day • Sept. 8: Star Trek Day • Sept. 9: National Wiener Schnitzel Day • Sept. 10: National Hug Your Hound Day • Sept. 11: National Make Your Bed Day • Sept. 12: National Hug & High 5 Day • Sept. 14: National Eat a Hoagie Day • Sept. 15: National Double Cheeseburger Day




• 2/3 cup packed light brown sugar • 1/2 cup honey • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour • 1/4 cup melted butter • 1 tsp ground cinnamon • 1/2 tsp salt • 1/2 tsp ground ginger • 3 cups chopped pecans

Crust • 3 cups all-purpose flour • 1 cup cold unsalted butter, cubed • 3/4 cup powdered sugar • 1 tsp salt Filling • 4 eggs • 1 cup corn syrup

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Use baking spray to grease a 13x9- inch pan before lining with parchment paper. 2. In a food processor, blend crust ingredients until a crumble forms. Press mixture into pan. Bake until light golden brown, about 20 minutes (crust will have cracks). 3. In a bowl, whisk all filling ingredients (except pecans) together until smooth. Stir in pecans and pour over crust. Bake until set, around 30 minutes, then let cool completely in pan. Inspired by

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