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June 2017

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Honoring Jim’s Life and 3 Years of IRS Radio Hour

Last month, the Law Office of Steven A. Leahy celebrated three years of the IRS Radio Hour. Though I love our radio show because of its engaging and educational qualities, the IRS Radio Hour has a more special significance for me. Three years ago, I started the IRS Radio Hour with my brother, Jim, to educate people on the IRS and all issues surrounding taxes and debt. Our main goal was to be educational, but we also wanted our show to be different. Jim and I had always been fans of talk radio, and we listened to Rush Limbaugh, Kevin Matthews, John Brandmeier, and many other talk radio hotshots throughout our lives. We didn’t want our show to sound like an infomercial, so we strove to incorporate humor into our show with fun topics, including family, sports, and entertainment. Before Jim and I started the IRS Radio Hour, Jimwas already thoroughly immersed in the world of talk radio. He didn’t have a show of his own, but Jim often appeared on John Brandmeier’s show as his character, Fernando. Jim, as Fernando, would call John and answer all sorts of questions live on the air. At one point, Jim won a trip to the Playboy Mansion with John and Buzz Kilman because of their radio presence. I had never had any experience with talk radio besides being an avid listener, so Jim’s expertise paved the way for our budding idea. The IRS Radio Hour first aired on May 4, 2014. When we started, it took me a while to get up to speed. Jim had so much radio experience, and I was a complete amateur compared to a veteran like him. However, thanks to Jim’s coaching, I became more comfortable, and soon I was on my way to becoming a pro. Jim and I had so much fun on our show. Not only were we able to educate our listeners on the IRS and debt, we also showed them a good time through our humor and natural chemistry. Less than a year after we started our radio show, Jim passed away on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015. He and I recorded our last show together the Friday before, and he passed away the Sunday morning after. After he passed, our family gathered together that night to listen to our show, which was the best Jim had ever done. He was never more happy, funny, and genuine than he was chatting with me that day, and the show still stands as one of the absolute finest of IRS Radio Hour.

After Jim passed, I was certain that I was going to give up on IRS Radio Hour. How could anyone have the same chemistry that my brother and I shared? There was nobody who could replace him. In honor of Jim’s memory, my sons, Jake and Joe; my nephews and niece, Jimmy, Jonathan, and Joanna; and myself got together and recorded what I thought was one of the last episodes of IRS Radio Hour. However, Jimmy had gotten into radio in college and asked to co-host with me a couple of times before I finally called it quits. As it turns out, Jimmy and I quickly developed a great rapport, and I realized that I wanted to continue hosting IRS Radio Hour not only to educate people, but to honor my brother. I love working with Jimmy, and I am thankful that we are celebrating three years of a great show. Thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of IRS Radio Hour and to everyone who has showed us support. Thank you to Deborah Schreiner, George Hoffman, and JimThompson for your great work on the show, and thank you to all the guests we have had the honor of interviewing! Here’s to three great years and many more to come.

– Steven Leahy



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