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A Peculiar Roman Requirement:

Walk Your Furry Friend or Get Fined

If you live in Rome and feel too lazy to walk your dog, you better think twice before breaking the law. Wait, the law? Yes! In 2005, the city of Rome passed a law requiring every dog owner to walk their furry friend at least once a day if they wanted to avoid a fine.

love, fill our existence with their attention.” She also told the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero that “the civilization of a city can also be measured by this.”

feeding and caring for the countless stray cats roaming the stone-paved streets. And last but not least, round fishbowls are also illegal, as the circular shape forces the fish to swim in circles, which is disorienting and can affect the fish’s mood and behavior. But Rome isn’t the only city in Italy with animal-friendly laws. In Turin, for example, dog owners are required to walk their pets at least three times a day or face a fine of $650. Meanwhile, in Reggio Emilia, it is illegal to boil live lobsters. The city officials considered this cooking method “useless torture.” Even though Italy is known for stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine, it can also take credit for holding pet owners accountable and ensuring they take proper care of their animal companions.

How authorities in Rome can enforce this law is still unclear, but the

city also passed other less- ambiguous animal welfare

This was one of the multiple laws protecting the safety and well-being of Roman animals. The city had been dealing with ongoing problems due to dogs being cooped up in small apartments or abandoned in the streets.

laws. Aside from the mandatory daily dog walk, docking an animal’s ears or tails and selling animals at fairgrounds are also illegal acts.

While Rome may seem dog- biased, cat people will be happy to learn the Italian city didn’t forget

Monica Cirinna, who created the law, explained, “It’s good to do whatever we can for our animals who, in exchange for a little 4 • KEVINPATRICK.LAW I 404.566.5880

felines. They passed another law to make declawing a cat for aesthetic reasons illegal. Additionally, the city will recognize those

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