Imagine Going There Travel - February 2022

HIGHLIGHTING JOE AND SANDY’S PARIS TO THE HEART OF NORMANDY CRUISE Tales From Our Sails As much as we love helping our clients

and how accommodating Viking was to the varied interests of all of the passengers. “There was something for everyone, from making lemon meringue tarts to seeing antiques and jewels,” she said. “It was an awakening to take in the beauty of Paris.” One of Joe and Sandy’s favorite aspects about all of the cruises that they’ve taken with Viking is the intimacy of the ships. “Our first cruise only had about 195 people on it and our last one only had roughly 180,” Joe said. “You just don’t miss the big attractions of other ships. The food is great and the staff truly takes care of you.” Sandy made it a point to mention that if you order your favorite drink on the first and second night, by the third night, they know what you’d like before you even ask. “The Imagine Going There group is more than you can imagine because they go out of their way to communicate. They always have an answer and make

to plan their vacations, we find the most joy in hearing all about them when they get back! Joe and Sandy have taken three cruises with Viking thus far and have two more in the works. “We’ve taken the Grand European Tour, the Christmas Markets tour in Germany and France, and Paris & Heart of Normandy, and are currently working with Carol to visit the Mediterranean and take Journey to Antiquities from Rome to Athens,” Joe and Sandy tell us. So far, Normandy and Paris have been their favorite destinations. “If I had to list out 200 places I wanted to visit, Paris would have been number 210. But my experience with Viking and getting to see how hospitable and friendly the people in Paris and France were, changed my mind,” Joe stated. “Not to mention, the sights were fabulous.” Sandy fell in love with the architecture

you feel confident in your trip. From what to bring and wear to making recommendations, they’ve got you covered,” Sandy states. Joe and Sandy, we are so glad that you’ve made memories that last a lifetime — here’s to many more to come!

My Top 3 Favorite Souvenirs

• Christmas Ornaments — They come out once a year, so they are a fun surprise as well as bring a nostalgic smile as I remember where I was when I got them. They make unique gifts, too. This one came from Passau, Germany, and actually hangs on the finial of my office lamp year round. Postcards — I like to say, “Even a bad picture is still a good memory” (which is true, but also an excuse for being a poor photographer!). But postcards have their act together! The photo is always taken when weather is ideal, the lighting is perfect, there are no people crowding • the scenery, and there’s usually a panoramic view that only professionals are able to capture. Pick up some to send to your friends and family, but don’t forget to save some for yourself, too. Have a favorite travel or packing tip? Email and we’ll draw from your suggestions and include them in a future issue!

In the ever-elusive goal to travel light, one of the things to consider is leaving enough space to bring back souvenirs. Here are my favorite things to purchase as they don’t take up much space, have great memories attached to them, and don’t need to be dusted!

• Pashminas — They are versatile and make wardrobe transformations with ease. You can scoot back on the ship at the last minute, quickly change into basic slacks or skirt and a dressier top, and throw on a pashmina scarf to bring color and elegance to an outfit. Many are so large that when fully

opened, they double as a wrap when the restaurant is cool, too. The one in this picture always takes me back to

our time in Tunisia, where I purchased several different varieties from a street vendor (for 5 euros each!)

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