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November 2017

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As co-founder and one of the primary physicians at NSI Stem Cell, I have been fortunate to be on the leading edge of stem cell therapy in the United States. A majority of the protocols we abide by at NSI were developed by myself and Dr. Eric Edgerton after we recognized how important stem cells would be to the future of health care. But when I say health care, I don’t mean just the treatment. At NSI, we look at treatment from a different perspective. It’s not simply about treating a patient’s conditions and moving on. It’s about promoting positive health habits while treating and managing a condition or disease. Too often, health care providers will focus solely on the condition they’re treating. They may prescribe a medication or suggest surgery, and that’s it. There isn’t an emphasis on

continued care and living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to improve your life, you can’t just treat the condition. You have to change the way you live to ensure a continued positive outcome. That’s how we operate at NSI. Through the type of health care we provide, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to heal and promote health. Throughout my career, I’ve always been focused on lifestyle medicine, and in that, I’ve recognized the challenge in keeping patients compliant. The fact is, to see truly astounding results — as we often do at NSI — you must change certain habits, whether it’s eating healthier, getting more physical activity, or both.

cells for several years, and I continue to be astounded.

However, I’m more excited to see future stem cell therapies unfold in the coming years. There are many neurological conditions we may be able to treat and cure. There is an increasing body of literature suggesting we may be able to apply stem cell therapy to heal spinal cord injuries. This is an area of medicine that doctors and researchers have long struggled with. The future holds a lot of hope. In many respects, we are already living in that future. A handful of years ago, we knew little about stem cells and their potential. Today, we are in the early stages of an incredible new technology. We are pushing what is possible and learning so much. And as a result, we’re helping many people. If you or a loved one is not getting the care you need from traditional health care sources, you have a new option. You no longer have to rely on the current health care system and pharmaceutical methods of treatment. Stem cell therapy represents the future of health care, but you don’t have to wait for the future to take advantage of the many opportunities it offers.

The future holds a lot of hope.

Working with stem cell therapies comes with a unique set of rewards, particularly with our patients. The outcomes and the way therapies affect individuals is, at times, mind-boggling. I have seen so many remarkable and

– Dr. Vincent Depasquale

dramatic changes. I’ve been working in stem

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