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Balance Born out of Hardship THE ORIGIN OF THE PILATES SYSTEM

When most people think of Pilates, they think of the exercise trend that was the butt of a hundred ’90s sitcom jokes. In reality, this system of stretches and workouts is a great option for people of all ages looking to stay active, tone their muscles, and improve their balance, all with minimal space and equipment requirements. One need only look at the history of Pilates to understand how this century-old discipline has helped shape exercise science today. Unlikely Beginnings The man for whom the Pilates system is named, Joseph Pilates, was no stranger to health challenges. Born in Germany in the late 19th century, Joseph suffered from both asthma and rickets, making any form of physical activity difficult. But rather than shy away from exercise, he enthusiastically followed his father into gymnastics, later picking up bodybuilding and martial arts. Instead of being held back by his body, Joseph made it his life’s mission to help himself and others live healthy lives. Eventually, he would begin developing his own fitness theories.

after moving to England in 1912. Then the First World War broke out. Despite having worked closely with English law enforcement, Joseph’s nationality was enough to land him in an internment camp alongside fellow German citizens. As the world was consumed by the bloodiest conflict it had ever seen, the young fitness instructor did what he did best: He helped those around him get stronger and healthier. Knowledge Through Adversity In this internment camp, the system that would eventually become Pilates was developed. Because of the constraints of captivity, Joseph had to devise exercises that didn’t rely heavily on equipment and could be performed in tight, confined spaces. To this day, Pilates remains one of the most flexible, scalable fitness methods around. The techniques first developed by Joseph Pilates are still practiced today, helping thousands of people develop their core postural muscles, gain better fitness, and improve their balance. As a result of his forward-looking techniques and steadfast spirit of personal development, Joseph Pilates remains an inspiring figure in the world of physical fitness.

Light in a Dark Time Joseph became a known quantity in the fitness world, going as far as training Scotland Yard officers in self-defense



Mookie and Brice here, enjoying our favorite time of year. We’re both Chesapeake Bay retrievers, which means we’re built for the winter months. There’s nothing we love more than playing in the snow with our family! Here are some of our favorite tricks for having a fun, safe snow day. Whether you’re shoveling the driveway or preparing a snowball fight, playing out in the snow is quite the workout. Be sure to make time to warm up before getting active. Taking a brisk walk or doing some dynamic stretches for at least 10 minutes can reduce your odds of injury. Warm Up Before You Get Cold

he’s facing away from the sun. As you build him up, place a stick in the center where each segment meets for extra stability. Be sure to pack snow between each section, too. Once you’ve added that corncob pipe and button nose, take a spray bottle and douse your snowman in a light mist of water, just enough to freeze the top layer of snow and keep him from melting too quickly.

Layer Up

If you don’t have a fur coat to keep warm like we do, then it’s important to dress in layers before you head out in the snow. Look for moisture- wicking material that pulls sweat away from your body, keeping you warm without overheating.

Make Sunscreen Part of the Snow Day

Sunscreen isn’t just useful in the summer months. Humans should apply sunscreen whenever they spend time outside. Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean the sun can’t burn you. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that snow reflects 80 percent of UV rays, which can badly burn unprotected skin.

Help Frosty Hang Around

We know not everyone loves the snow, so we hope these tips help you enjoy the last months of winter a little bit more. Stay warm out there!

Want to build a snowman that lasts? First, pick a spot in the shade and build your snowman so

– Mookie & Brice




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