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The continual data provided by sensemetrics has improved safety and enhanced asset management along US 36. Photo: CERI.

provide self-sustained power via solar panels and integrated recharge- able batteries to all automation devices and sensors on the project. The installed IoT devices and connected sensors along the project area are now managed using cloud-connected tools and mobile applications ac- cessible to system administrators wherever they are. With this system in place, CDOT personnel are alerted when slope deflection becomes significant enough to present an increased risk for rockfall. Real-time insights allow CDOT to respond to developing issues, make informed decisions, and take the necessary measures to respond accordingly. Additionally, the implementation of the cloud- based monitoring platform has improved asset management and situ- ational awareness in the remote location destabilized by historic rains. Overcoming Common Monitoring Challenges for DOTs The critical data provided by the monitoring system has improved safety along stretches of US 36 where known rockfall hazards could complicate or even endanger vehicular travel. In addition to streaming real-time readings that can issue alerts, the data CDOT collects can generate a more complete understanding of ground and rock move- ment over time, tracking seasonal and annual trends. The system em - powers CDOT to make informed decisions in rockfall hazard areas that are critical to protecting DOT infrastructure and, most importantly, the safety of the traveling public. While the 2013 Colorado flood was historic, the concerns and risks that it created around rockfall and landslide risks are common for state

and provincial departments of transportation across North America that are responsible for roadways traversing steep and mountainous areas. These departments are often tasked with monitoring vast and challenging geographical areas with very limited human and budget- ary resources. sensemetrics is scalable, flexible and sensor agnostic. The cloud-connected technology was easily applied to CDOT’s legacy sensors, saving a significant amount of time and money. Automated, cost-effective, and secure, IoT-based condition monitoring solutions are an efficient way of gaining the kind of geotechnical data that allows asset owners to manage risk responsibly and ensure public safety.

TODD ROBERTS, P.G., is Regional Director, Infrastructure Sales, Bentley Systems.


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