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Withstanding harsh winters Extremely cold, harsh winters in South Adams County, Colorado, caused multiple manholes to suffer severe deterioration, infiltration and inflow. Without repairs, the inflow and infiltration would continue to affect the system and ultimately increase the cost of wastewater treat - ment. If the manholes were not structurally restored, the risk of col - lapse, sinkholes, and emergency repairs would significantly increase. The extensive damage required multi-step corrective action, made more challenging by extremely cold weather during the installation phase. To address the loss of structural integrity, the manholes were first lined with a cementitious mortar known for its structural restoration properties. A 100 percent solid epoxy was then applied at a thickness of 125 mils for added corrosion protection. The resulting adhesion levels exceeded expectations, providing clean and smooth finished manholes despite the weather conditions during installation. Preventing infiltration of diesel fuel A train yard in Michigan experienced a diesel fuel spill that required immediate attention. To keep the fuel from flowing to the nearby river, a contractor was hired to assess and re-line the storm drainage system. After experiencing initial challenges with the application of a cementitious liner by a subcontractor, the contractor sought a different approach to address the leaking manholes and catch basins. A 100 percent solid epoxy offering exceptional bond strength and long- term chemical and corrosion resistance was recommended to address and eliminate the potential environmental hazard. To plug the leaking

voids and cracks, a fast-setting water stop product was also required. The issues with the original approach were addressed and the job was completed in just one week. Once finished, the newly lined manholes and catch basins were tested for infiltration and exfiltration. In each case, they exceeded testing standards. Rehabilitation often the preferable choice When paired with other repair solutions, a 100 percent solid epoxy such as StructureGuard delivers enhanced capabilities and longer-last- ing effects. Its compatibility with other materials, including Quadex® grouts, and repair solutions makes it a preferred choice for the rehabili- tation of pump stations, treatment plants and wastewater infrastructure elements that are subjected to high levels of corrosion and abrasion in both municipal and industrial applications. Selecting manhole rehabilitation and repair rather than replacement provides asset owners reduced costs and a significant reduction of proj- ect time while minimizing disruption to the surrounding community. By using an effective, long-lasting product that can withstand a range of harsh conditions and elevate the performance of other materials, as- set owners and installers can benefit from simplified expenses, logistics and project schedules while achieving greater performance. ANDREW GONNELLA is President, Products Division for Vortex Companies. In this role, he oversees the development and expansion of Vortex’s existing product line, identifies new products and develops new distribution channels. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Maryland College Park and a Master of Business Administration from University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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