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increased dramatically in young people for which the construction industry has historically not always supported. In addition, there has also been a dramatic shift in the importance of a work-life balance for many young workers. However, King believes that the digital future of construction means that the definition of what it means to work in the construction industry has expanded beyond working long hours on a construction site. While there will always be people working on site to construct build- ings and infrastructure, a digital future means that there are a vast host of roles that support the construction process. For King, highlighting these non-traditional construction roles–data scientists, sustainability specialists, robotics experts, drone operators, logistics planners, mate- rial scientists, etc.– is key to generating excitement in the construction industry amongst new workers. Changing the popular image of working in the construction industry provides more fertile ground for recruiting young workers into the in- dustry, but, according to King, this problem isn’t going to be solved by firms working hard to recruit new people. Instead, King believes that efforts from firms need to be supported by larger government programs to show that careers in the construction industry are viable for people with a wide array of skills including artificial intelligence. By industry and government working together to solve a common problem, this image change will be paired with active recruiting efforts, which will in turn inspire young people to join the construction industry. Labor shortages due to lack of qualified candidates raises demands of user-friendly digital technologies for our future generation of construction workers. Photo: Bentley Systems



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