GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022


Q. What was the secret ingredient in achieving your results ? A.  Positive self talk, believing that it was possible for me to attain any achievement that I desired if I worked hard toward it. Your brain is always listening to you, it seems obvious but the majority of human thoughts are critical, instead by changing them to be positive and allowing myself room to grow and trust that I was capable, allowed me to achieve my results. Q. How have you developed as a person during your time at Glennie? A.  My time at Glennie allowed me to grow exponentially from being a shell of myself to embracing my personality.

share one goal, to make music for an audience and also for yourself. Being able to foster that kind of community is the best experience someone could have. Q. What has been your parents’ response to your development as a student at Glennie? A. My parents believe that my development has been supported well by the school with kind and respectful teachers that they feel improved my learning experience. Glennie provided me with a family, the freedom to grow into the person I wanted to be and the enthusiasm and encouragement to be ambitious with my future. Q. What does it mean to be a Glennie girl? A.  To be a Glennie girl is to be unapologetically yourself and allowing others to be the same. A Glennie girl takes care of their fellow students, friends and community and is the first to volunteer for new opportunities. Glennie girls are all influential members of the Glennie community and all leave lasting legacies behind them for future Glennie girls to discover.


Q. As the recipient of the Bond University Scholarship, what was it that drove you to apply for the scholarship, and what extra activities were vital to your success? A.  After Scott from Bond came and visited us in the Glennie Room, I was really inspired by the possibilities at Bond. I found that the institution was actually something that made me feel like I could achieve anything. This ultimately drove me to apply for scholarships. I think that ultimately it was a mix of staying true to my personality throughout the different phases of the selection, as every candidate was amazing in their own right, but personality is a key difference that is memorable. I was also at Nationals at the time of the final selection round of 15 hour zoom calls, of which I had to do in my horse float using a camping light, so it was fairly easy to remember me for the selectors. Participate in service activities, keep a record of things that you accomplish, even if its the environmental projects you do in wellbeing, try hard in academics, Semester 1 of Year 12 was the semester that all of the evaluations were made from, so try hard during this time. However, it was probably my equestrian activities that got me noticed through the initial rounds, the rest of the rounds were personality and test based.


Q. What does your immediate future hold for you? A. My immediate future is moving to Brisbane and having a guaranteed spot at the Conservatorium of Music at Griffith University which has been a long time dream of mine. Q. What was the secret ingredient in achieving your results? A. Despite others feeling I should apply for an easier university entry and constant reminders that I may not get into the Con, you only need one person’s support, and that is your own support of your goals. Anything can be made possible if you yourself believe in you. Q. As an active Performing Arts student, what do you enjoy about performing? A. Feeling loved and connected to others in a massive family that all

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