GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022


Q. What has been your parents’ response to your development as a student at Glennie? A.  I think my mum is simultaneously surprised and unfazed by my development as a student at Glennie, but mainly, I know she is very proud of my journey. She has always been aware that I am constantly looking for the next new challenge to overcome or goal to achieve, so when my schedule and commitments continued to increase, she supported all my decisions and became my number one supporter. Q. What does your immediate future hold for you? A.  The immediate future includes moving to Brisbane to study at the University of Queensland and attend college. Choosing what to study next year was something I struggled to figure out across the past year and I am now hoping to get in the Physiotherapy course at UQ. Q. What does it mean to be a Glennie girl? A.  Being a Glennie girl to me means embodying our school motto and core values throughout our daily lives. Striving to be all we can be and respecting that this is unique to every individual girl.


never fruitless. I hope I have left a legacy of being grateful for every

moment at this school, even the ones that seems bad in the moment and to embrace every opportunity. Weaving kindness and gratitude into your life is a sure way to make sure you never take it for granted and enjoy all its moments. Q. How did you continually challenge yourself to improve and reach your potential? A.  My family has always said I can sometimes have a bit of competitive spirit, one that often manifests as a competition against myself. So, I have always sought out ways to continually one up myself and my achievements. The main way I have been able to continually challenge myself to improve and reach my potential is by believing that you can never stop learning. There is always new knowledge to attain and ways to improve your skills. The main way I tried to do this is by setting small achievable goals that I would consistently strive toward rather that outrageous ones that were completely unreasonable for me. Although it can feel tedious, the payoff is not, and it is definitely very rewarding.

Q. What does All She Can Be mean to you? A.  The motto ‘All She Can Be’ looks different to every Glennie girl in my opinion, it is not one rigid standard, but a fluid understanding that everyone is running their own race and our ‘best’ is unique to everyone. To me, All She Can Be means striving to achieve personal goals and putting all my effort into everything that I do. Q. As a School Captain, what legacy do you think you have left for future Glennie girls? A.  Legacy is a big word and tends to be used regarding big momentous achievements, so reflecting on what ‘legacy’ I have left for future Glennie girls is difficult to answer. However, if there is one thing that girls remember from my captaincy, I hope they remember the importance of being kind and grateful. There is a simplicity in kindness that is often overlooked, and I hope that future Glennie girls continue to understand that their kindness is



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