GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022



STUDENTS EXCEL IN VOCATIONAL STUDIES. The 2022 cohort excelled in the following areas; ● One third of the cohort completed a University subject while at school (Headstart). ● 48% of Year 12 students received an early entry University offer. ● 62% of Year 12 students received a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. ● Sienna Richardson has received guaranteed entry into Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. ● Emma Anderson has been awarded the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Elevate Scholarship as part of the Boosting women in STEM program. ● Harriet Dummet has been offered a place at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in the Bachelor of Music (Performance) degree on Tuba. ● Zoe Dann has been awarded a scholarship to attend ANU to study a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Humanities and Social Sciences. This is a coveted, high- level research focused degree for intellectually curious students. ● Charlotte Drynan received the Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship at Bond University ● Telilé Gehrmann completed four university subjects (Headstart Courses) while at school.

Each and every year, a significant number of our graduating class get a head start, commencing the journey towards their future.

There is no doubt that today’s workforce is more diverse and young people have more flexibility in their careers than ever before. And there is no doubt that our workplaces are more complex than ever as we have fast-forwarded to globalisation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital technology, working from home, and working from anywhere. All of these have created the new world of work. Our 2022 graduates are taking the next step in their career pathway well positioned to embrace this changed landscape. Our young people are more career-oriented and more globally aware than ever before. They want to contribute more and they leave Glennie knowing that they can empower themselves and the world around them. We see this empowerment in the way that the 2022 Glennie Graduates have approached their future study and work choices. In 2022, almost half of our cohort had received early entry offers to university before they had finished school. Determined to path their own way, they researched their options early and took

advantage of the ways they could finish their senior studies knowing they had future study options. ● 48% of graduates completed a university subject alongside their school commitments, securing them a guaranteed place in a university course. Others auditioned, interviewed, and used their academic results from Year 11 or their co-curricular and service involvement to open up early offer pathways. Those students who opted for a pathway into the workforce also graduated prepared. ● 62% of Year 12 students in the 2022 cohort completed vocational studies graduating with workplace-ready skills and a qualification to help them secure that job. My hope for the 2022 Glennie graduates is that they continue to embrace their careers knowing that nothing is holding them back from directing their own paths and contributing their authentic, most impactful selves in the workplace.

Ms Sharon Currie Head of Boarding / Careers Advisor

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