GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022


What was your favourite subject at Glennie and why? A.  Visual art. Not only was it a whole lot more fun than physics and maths, but it allowed me to be creative and express myself. Going to art with Mrs Shapcott always made my day, and learning to express myself was invaluable. Q. What has been your parents’ response to your development as a student at Glennie ? A.  My parents saw me become a confident, self assured, caring young woman who is set to contribute to her community. My parents saw me find myself and be comfortable within myself. They are so proud of how much I developed as a person and a friend over my time at Glennie. Q. How have you developed as a person during your time at Glennie? A.  During my time at Glennie, I developed into a person who was able to be herself regardless of possible judgement. I learnt who I wanted to be and therefore surrounded myself with people who could help me achieve this. I redeveloped my love of music as well, making me realise what makes me happy. I discovered myself as a person through my time at Glennie.

A.  In the near future I’m hoping to work as a Governess on a rural NT cattle station and help children doing distance education like I did as a kid. After this year, then it will probably be university and college for engineering and architecture. But for now I want the time off to earn some money and live away for a while. Glennie Character Cup meant the world to me as it showed me that it pays off to be yourself in life, regardless of what people might think of you. There will always be people who judge you for being yourself but just don’t worry about those people. Your real friends will love you for who you are. Q. What was your favourite subject at Glennie and why? A.  Agricultural Science was my favourite subject at Glennie because I could relate it to my home life and enjoyed the practical side of the subject. I really enjoyed being able to relate Ag to Biology as well which allowed me to transfer information I learnt in each subject to the other. In Ag, I really liked being able to discuss alternative ways of farming as well with other students in my class, allowing me to broaden my ideas within the subject.


Q. You were the recipient of the Glennie Character Cup. What did this mean to you? A.  When I received the Glennie Character Cup, I was honestly so shocked. I didn’t realise that I had made such an impact on the school by just being myself. Receiving the


Q. How did you continually challenge your self to improve and reach your potential? A.  On top of school work I did a lot of extra curricular stuff, most of which I had to give up in my senior years. But by doing activities like choir and dance I challenged myself to find time away from schoolwork and stress to develop other skills and passions that helped me through Year 12. Q. What was the secret ingredient in achieving your results? A.  For me, maintaining a healthy and consistent sleep schedule was really important, especially because I was always sick. Even during exams when I felt like I had to study for every waking moment of my life, having a set time when I just dropped everything and slept was really good for me, and for my body during externals. Q. What does your immediate future hold for you?

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