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August 2018

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After over 20 years in personal injury law, there are still few things more satisfying than getting my client the outcome they deserve. Every day, people come into our office in serious pain, more stressed than they’ve ever been in their lives, and skeptical that anybody will be able to help them. With our expert guidance, we’re able to not only steer them through the incredibly frustrating, confusing labyrinth that is the legal process, but also to restore their hope. To be able to hand someone a check and watch as relief floods over them, knowing that they’ll be able to put their injury behind them, focus on their recovery, and get back to their everyday lives ... it’s difficult to overstate the power of that moment. Some of the memories of the people you serve stick with you forever. I remember one client who’d tragically lost his family in a brutal accident with a drunk driver. On top of the unimaginable grief of that moment, he’d suffered a fractured femur, wrist, and ankle, and struggled constantly with the pain. Of course, we couldn’t mend the damage that had been done. Not even close. But what we could do was help him manage his affairs, reduce his $300,000-plus in medical bills down to $8,000, get those paid, and secure him substantial funds to “compensate” for the loss of his loved ones and the permanent damage that had been done to his body. In horrific situations like that, it’s not right that legal woes should be tied up with the grieving process. Hopefully, the work we did for him allowed him to begin to find his footing in what I’m sure was an impossible time.

What we do for our clients goes beyond filing court motions or wrangling insurance companies. Over decades in business, we’ve developed widespread networks of physicians and other experts that enable us to set our clients up with the precise help they need in any given situation. For example, in the midst of a legal battle, many doctors will hesitate to stick their necks out and provide treatment, uncertain of whether payment will be forthcoming, but our medical partners trust in our results enough to do exactly that when a client comes calling. This is important, because our clients are more than another name on a list; they’re real people, going through extremely difficult situations, and it’s our job to do absolutely everything we can to cut away the chaos and keep them afloat. In my line of work, you see people embroiled in the worst situations of their lives. What keeps me coming into the office every day is our ability to offer a helping hand in the midst of tragedy, to let them know there’s someone they can trust and depend on in their corner. It’s the reason all of us at the Utah Advocates do what we do.

–Steven Day • 1

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