Exceptional Smiles @ Landerbrook - October 2019

October 2019


Real Life Tooth Fairies 5825 Lande r b rook Dr i ve , Su i t e 124 , May f i e l d He i gh t s , OH 44124 ( 440 ) 483 - 1003

Get to Know Taylor, Lauren, and Janae

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which means we’re celebrating our dental hygienists at the office. I could wax poetic about how amazing our dental hygienists are, but I figure I should let them speak for themselves. “Don’t use hard bristles!” Taylor declared when I sat down with her, Lauren, and Janae. “Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushes, but if you have to use a manual brush, make sure it has soft bristles.” Dental hygienists are bursting with good advice. They also have some pretty interesting stories about what brought them to dentistry. Taylor really liked her childhood dental hygienist; Janae grew up across the street from her dentist and interned at their office during high school; and Lauren has always found herself looking at people’s mouths and being fascinated by teeth. During a regular visit, your hygienist gets to spend more time with you than your dentist does. In addition to having a way with teeth, dental hygienists also need to be good with patients. It’s a good thing all four of our hygienists are total people persons. “My favorite part about the job is seeing a patient who was scared on their first visit become more and more comfortable during each following visit,” Lauren said, “until

eventually, they’re not scared anymore! I’m really glad to be part of helping people feel confident about going to the dentist.” This is a sentiment everyone agreed on. Taylor went on to discuss the importance of building relationships with patients. “There’s a lot of trust between a dental hygienist and our patients. We get to hear about their lives and help them improve their health. It’s a big responsibility, and I like being able to build that relationship with people.” “It’s really cool when a patient comes back and tells me, ‘I’ve been flossing because of what you told me!’” Janae added. “It’s really cool to know I can have that kind of impact and help people improve their health.” “And we can always tell if you’re lying

about flossing!” Would you believe me if I claimed they all said this in unison?

Since National Dental Hygiene Month isn’t the only thing we’re celebrating in October, I made a point to ask how dental hygienists celebrate Halloween.

“We dress up as tooth fairies,” Taylor said.

“No, we ARE tooth fairies,” Lauren insisted.

As a dentist, I can confirm that Taylor, Lauren, and Janae are all as magical as the real tooth fairy. We’re lucky to have them, and I can rest assured knowing these professionals will always give our patients the highest quality of care. –-Jason A. Schermer


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