Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

VIN: The Vehicle Identification Number.

VEHICLE TYPE: Semi Trailer.

CERTIFICATION STATEMENT: “This trailer meets all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date of manufacture shown above”. 3.3 BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO COUPLE TRUCK TO TRAILER 1. Check the condition of the kingpin and mounting plate. Wipe the kingpin clean and inspect it for flat spots, cracks and pits.


Uncoupling Hazard.

A worn, bent or damaged kingpin can fail while towing, which can result in death or serious injury.

Inspect the kingpin and kingpin plate for wear and damage. Replace a worn or damaged kingpin or kingpin plate before towing trailer.

2. Verify that the kingpin plate and fifth wheel fasteners are tight and welds are sound.


Uncoupling Hazard.

A loose kingpin or fifth wheel can result in the trailer uncoupling, which can result in death or serious injury.

Verify the kingpin and fifth wheel are tight.

3. Lubricate the fifth wheel lock mechanism and verify it will move freely. 4. Clear all hoses and electrical cables from the coupling area. 5. Verify the fifth wheel locks are open.


Crushing Hazard.

Death or serious injury may occur if the trailer drops.

Keep bystanders away from trailer while coupling.

3.4 COUPLE TRUCK TO TRAILER 1. Place wheel chocks behind the trailer tires.

2. Place the truck directly in front of the trailer. See figure 3-2. NEVER back under the trailer at an angle.


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