Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

Figure 3-2 Align Truck With Trailer For Coupling

3. Back the truck until close to the trailer.

4. Apply the truck parking brakes and place transmission in neutral.

5. Release air from truck suspension (if equipped).

6. Inspect the height of the trailer vs the fifth wheel. The kingpin plate on the front of the trailer should first contact the fifth wheel 4-6 inches rearward of the fifth wheel centerline. See figure 3-3. The trailer should raise slightly when the truck is backed under it. If the trailer is too low, the truck may strike and damage the front of the trailer. If the trailer is too high, it will not couple correctly. Adjust the landing gear as needed to achieve the correct trailer height.


Uncoupling Hazard.

Trailer must be at the correct height to couple to truck.

Verify trailer is at the proper height before coupling.

Figure 3-3 Coupling Truck To Trailer

7. Verify that the kingpin and fifth wheel are aligned.

8. Slowly back the truck keeping the kingpin aligned with the fifth wheel. Continue backing until the fifth wheel locks firmly on the kingpin. Attempt to pull forward as a test to verify the fifth wheel is locked. Do not attempt to move the truck and trailer at this time. Apply the truck parking brake and place transmission in neutral. 9. Inspect the coupling. See figure 3-4. Verify there is no space between the kingpin plate and the fifth wheel. If there is space, the kingpin may be on top of the fifth wheel jaws. Raise the trailer with the landing gear, pull the fifth wheel release lever and pull the truck ahead. Repeat steps 6-9 again to couple the trailer correctly.

Figure 3-4 Fifth Wheel Checks


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