Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

10. Go under the trailer with a flashlight and look in the back of the fifth wheel. Verify the fifth wheel jaws (A) have closed around the shank of the kingpin and the fifth wheel lock lever is in the locked position. See figure 3-5.

Figure 3-5 Fifth Wheel Jaws Closed Around Kingpin Shank

11. Inflate the truck suspension (if equipped).

12. Connect the supply hose (A), service hose (B), hydraulic hose, electrical connector, and if equipped, connect hoses to the lift axle and tailgate glad hands. See figure 3-6.


Pressurized fluids can penetrate the skin.

Hydraulic hoses can fail from age, damage and exposure.

Do not search for hydraulic leaks without body and face protection. A tiny, almost invisible leak can penetrate the skin, thereby requiring immediate medical attention.

Use wood or cardboard to detect hydraulic leaks, never your hands.

Figure 3-6 Connect Hoses And Electrical Connector

13. Raise the landing gear. Your trailer may be equipped with a two speed landing gear, or no-load support legs. MAC T railer uses a two speed landing gear from several different manufacturers. High speed may be “in” on some models and “out” on others. Engage the crank handle (A) to the shaft and turn to retract the landing gear, or pull retaining pins and pins (B), fully retract the no-load legs (C) and insert pins and retaining pins. Return the two speed landing gear crank handle to the storage position. See figure 3-7.


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