Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

Figure 3-7 No-Load Support Legs

Two Speed Landing Gear

14. Press the trailer air supply valve in the truck to fill the trailer air tanks. Do not release parking brakes.

15. Perform pretrip inspection. See section 3.6.

3.5 COUPLE PUP TO LEAD TRAILER (IF EQUIPPED) 1. Place truck and lead trailer directly in front of, and aligned with pup trailer. See figure 3-8.


Crushing Hazard.

Truck could be inadvertently moved while you are behind trailer

Place truck transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off engine and remove key before entering the area behind trailer.

2. Place transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off truck engine and remove key.

Figure 3-8 Align Truck And Lead Trailer With Pup

3. Remove pin from coupler on rear of lead trailer.

4. Position pup hitch at the same height as the lead trailer coupler.


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