Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

5. Slowly back the truck and lead trailer until the hitch on the pup engages the coupler on the lead trailer. Place transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off truck engine and remove key.


Crushing Hazard.

Truck could be inadvertently moved while you are behind trailer

Place truck transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off engine and remove key before entering the area behind trailer.

6. Insert pin (A) down through coupler and pup hitch, and install safety lock pin (B) in pin (A). See figure 3-9.

Figure 3-9 Insert Pin And Safety Lock Pin

Note: For steps 7-9, refer to figure 3-10.

7. Connect both safety chain hooks (A) to lead trailer.

8. Connect hydraulic hose (B), tailgate air hose and pup lock air hose.


Pressurized fluids can penetrate the skin.

Hydraulic hoses can fail from age, damage and exposure.

Do not search for hydraulic leaks without body and face protection. A tiny, almost invisible leak can penetrate the skin, thereby requiring immediate medical attention.

Use wood or cardboard to detect hydraulic leaks, never your hands.

9. Connect service glad hand, electrical connector and supply glad hand.


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