Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Coupling Trailer To Truck

Figure 3-10 Connect To Lead Trailer

10. Open air supply valves (A) on lead trailer glad hands to supply air to the pup trailer. See figure 3-11.

Figure 3-11 Open Valves On Glad Hands

3.6 PRETRIP INSPECTION Perform the inspections and checks before towing trailer:

Check all lights for operation.

• Check that ABS light on street side rear corner of the trailer is not illuminated. • Check that all safety decals are in place and in good, readable condition. • Check that all reflectors and in place and in good condition. • Check air pressure on all tires. Air pressure is listed on the Certification/VIN tag. • Check and inspect all tires. If a tire has a bald spot, bulge, cut or cords showing, replace the tire(s) before towing trailer. • Check wheel lug torque. See the Maintenance Section of this manual. • Check the wheel hubs for signs of lubricant leakage. • Check for broken or missing leaf springs or verify that air suspension springs are inflated. • Check electrical harness and air hoses from truck for damage. • Listen for air leaks in hoses and air suspension (if equipped). • Check brakes for wear and adjustment, and verify the brakes function properly. • Check the oil level in hydraulic oil reservoir. Add hydraulic oil if needed.

Repair or replace any worn, damaged, leaking, broken or non-functioning items before towing the trailer.


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