Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Loading And Unloading Trailer


Tip Over Hazard.

The following conditions could cause the trailer to tip over while dumping load: • Soft, uneven or obstructed dumping surface. • Unbalanced load in the trailer. • Overloaded trailer. • Weak, broken or leaking trailer suspension parts. • If equipped with an air suspension, not releasing air from the trailer suspension before dumping. • Tires that are flat or low on air pressure. • Moving the trailer with the dump body raised. • High winds. • Jerking the trailer or hydraulics to free a stuck load. • Truck and trailer parked in a jackknife position. • Trailer movement of any kind.


A raised dump body can drop or tip over suddenly.

You must: •

Keep others away while dumping.

• Remain at the controls until dump body is fully lowered. • Have the dump body fully lower before moving trailer.

If the hoist does not lift the load, manually reduce the load and obtain help from a qualified hydraulics technician.

Never assist the hoist with a crane, forklift, etc. • If the loaded material does not leave the dump body, lower the dump body and manually free the load. • Never attempt to free the load from a raised dump body.


Crushing Hazard.

An altered or component substituted hydraulic system can malfunction, resulting in the dump body falling without warning. Death or serious injury can result.

NEVER alter or substitute any hydraulic system component.


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