Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Loading And Unloading Trailer


Electrocution hazard.

Dump body coming near or contacting power lines can cause electrocution.

Electrocution can occur without contact.

Be sure there are no overhead power lines over or near the trailer before raising dump body.

1. Park the truck and trailer in a straight line on a firm, level and unobstructed surface. • For frame trailers, apply the truck parking brakes. • For frameless trailers, apply the trailer parking brakes.

2. If the trailer is equipped with an air spring suspension, release the air from the trailer suspension. The trailer will then sit on the dump blocks that are inside the air springs.


Tip Over Hazard.

Trailer can be unstable when dump body is raised with air in the air suspension system.

Relieve air from the air suspension system before raising dump body.

3. Get out of the truck and inspect the area where the material is to be dumped. Verify that: • The surface where the truck and trailer will sit while dumping is free from obstructions, and is firm and level. • There are no electrical wires in the area. • The material in the trailer is evenly distributed side to side, and front to rear. • The truck and trailer are not sagging from a broken or damaged suspension. • The truck and trailer must be in a straight line with all wheels straight.

4. Remove or hang trailer mud flaps. See Accessories section 7.

5. Remove or open tarp if installed.

6. For Pup And Lead Trailers Only: Move the selector valve lever (A) inward to operate the lead trailer, or outward to operate the pup. See figure 5-1. The valve is located on the street side of the lead trailer, forward of the landing gear.

Figure 5-1 Lead/Pup Selector Valve


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