Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Loading And Unloading Trailer

Figure 5-4 Move Tailgate Valve To Open


Risk of death or serious injury from tailgate and/or falling materials.

Loaded materials can exert pressure against the tailgate, causing the tailgate to swing out with force when unlatched. Materials may fall from trailer when tailgate is unlatched.

Do not stand behind tailgate when unlatching.

10. Unloading Using The Side Swing Tailgate Only: Remove safety lock pin and pull down on ground control handle (B) to unlatch tailgate. Shown in the unlatched position in figure 5-5.

Figure 5-5 Pull Down On Ground Control Handle

11. Unloading Using The Side Swing Tailgate Only: Swing tail gate fully open and insert chain (D) into anchor. Chain must be tight to prevent damage to the door. See figure 5-6.


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