Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Loading And Unloading Trailer

Figure 5-6 Anchor Door In Open Position

12. For Frameless Dump Trailers Only


Tip Over Hazard.

The truck parking brakes must be released and the trailer parking brakes applied when raising or lowering the dump body on a frameless dump trailer. Failure to do so will damage the trailer and can lead to a tip over.

Failure to provide a firm, level and uncluttered surface over which the truck wheels will travel can lead to a tip over.

Release truck brakes and apply trailer brakes. The draft arms will pull the truck back as the dump body raises.

13. Engage power take off (PTO).

14. Move the hoist control to raise the dump body. Raise the dump only to the height needed to dump. Be prepared to lower the dump body immediately if the body moves off the center position.

15. When the material begins to exit the dump body, move the hoist control to the hold position until the material is dumped. Do not move the truck and trailer with the dump body raised.

16. Disengage the PTO and move the hoist control to the down position. Do not move truck and trailer until the dump body is fully lowered.


Collision Hazard.

Failure to disengage PTO may result in the dump body raising, and collision with overhead obstacles may occur.

Verify PTO is disengaged after dump body is lowered.

17. With the dump body fully lowered, move the truck and trailer ahead to clear the dumped material.

18. Verify the trailer is empty. Remove any material from trailer. If necessary, raise the dump body again using steps 12-17.

19. Close the tailgate and engage latch.

20. Position winder on tailgate and tighten.


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