Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Inspections And Lubrication

8.3.2 CHECK HYDRAULIC CYLINDER BLEEDER SCREW For automatic bleeding, turn cap (A) counter-clockwise all the way out. This will bleed air from the hydraulic cylinder on each raise/lower cycle. See figure 8-10.

For manual bleeding, turn cap (A) approximately one turn off the closed position. Periodically turn the cap counter- clockwise to bleed air from the hydraulic cylinder. Return cap one turn off the closed position. See figure 8-10.

Figure 8-10 Hydraulic Cylinder Bleed Screw

8.3.3 TRAILER SUSPENSION If equipped with air ride suspension, inspect the air springs for damage. If equipped with leaf spring suspension, inspect for broken springs and equal spring arch. 8.3.4 DRAIN TRAILER AIR TANKS Drain moisture from trailer air tanks by opening petcock (A) on the bottom of each air tank. See figure 8-11. Close petcocks after draining.

Figure 8-11 Drain Trailer Air Tanks

8.3.5 INSPECT, MEASURE AND ADJUST BRAKES Inspect and measure the brake linings. Replace with a quality shoe and lining if contaminated, cracked or if the lining is worn to less than 1/4 inch thickness at any point. See figure 8-12.


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