Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Inspections And Lubrication

Figure 8-12 Measure Brake Lining

Chock tires and release brakes. Measure the distance (A) with brakes released. See figure 8-13. Use a lever to move slack adjuster until brakes contact the drum and measure the distance (B). Subtract distance A from distance B. The result is the free stroke. Adjust slack adjuster so the free stroke is 3/8 – 5/8 inch on each slack adjuster.

Figure 8-13 Adjust Slack Adjusters


8.4.1 AIR IN-LINE FILTER Your trailer is equipped with air inline filters. Filters are mounted on the inside of the frame rail. Every six months, relieve the air press in the trailer air tanks and remove the cap (A) and filter screen (B). See figure 8-14. Clean and install filter screen and cap.


Trailer air system is under pressure.

Cap and screen can shoot out with force.

Relieve air in the trailer air system before removing cap and screen.


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