How to Design an Effective Online Marketing Campaign


by Shawn Tiberio

et’s face it, online leads are better leads. Online ads and social media promotion are

Narrow down your audience by keeping track of key metrics such as income, age, gender, and location. NO. 2 OutlineYourMarketing Goals Always start with understanding what you need to make your real estate investing business a success. The best digital marketing strategies for real estate inves- tors involves online lead generation. You don’t have to delve into marketing immediately; you need to first identify the ways you can achieve getting more leads. If your marketing goal is to attract more motivat- ed sellers, start by setting an achievable milestone like increasing lead generation by 45 percent with- in three months. Once you outline your market- ing goals, the next step is to track that progress. There are lots of different analytic tools such as Hub-


becoming favorite business generators for real- tors and investors. If you still think internet market- ing is not that important for real estate firms, it’s time to divert your attention to the digital age. Undoubtedly, you can reach out to more people and achieve your marketing and sales goals fast- er, on time, and with less cost with digital marketing. Here’s how to design an effective online marketing campaign for your real estate investing business.

NO. 1 IdentifyYourTarget Audience

You must understand that you are not selling your real estate to everyone. So, you must not spend too much money marketing your business to everyone.

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