Building aWholesale Business


by Brian Snider

2  What are the things I am doing that take up most of my time? The answers to those questions will lead you to whom you should hire first. If you already have a team, but find yourself still in the day-to-day too much, you can still ask yourself those questions, and then ask those same questions of your managers. The daily tasks that are taking managers’ time and energy can be the areas of the business that you can look to hire to elevate those managers, relieving you of those things that continually bring you back into the business.

e all know that wholesaling real estate is a hustle and such

be important, but putting the right people in the right seats to handle all of the other aspects of the business is even more crucial. Understand the type of life you want to be living, plan for it, and build a team around you that can support that life. YOUR FIRSTHIRES FORYOUR WHOLESALE BUSINESS Who should you hire first while building a wholesale business? That answer is different for each business owner/leader because each person has different talents, skills, interests, and availability. To figure out whom to hire first, ask yourself these two questions. 1  What are the things I am doing that are not my strengths or suck my energy?


a transactional business. You can have the best month ever, but once that calendar turns you are right back to zero and have to do it all over again. Your business is built off of going after that next deal. Many investors gravitate away from the wholesale business into more of the lifestyle or passive ways to invest, which is where we all want to get to. But you can design a wholesale business to help you get there, as well and have it fit the way you want to live your life. Building a wholesale business and still having a life is all about the team you put around you and plan- ning out the type of business that you want. Knowing what you are strong at and what you have time for may

HAVINGAGREAT #2 If you want to grow your business and still be able to have a life, you

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